How to Delete Cache Files on Mac OS Completely in 2021 [Updated]
Have you noticed that your Mac or MacBook doesn’t work as fast as before? Doesn’t your web browsing seem so smooth? Probably, the cause for this is the cache that slows down the work of your Mac and keeps you away from positive emotions. The good news is that everything can be fixed. So, today I will tell you a few tips about how to delete cache files on Mac in 2021 and make your Mac fly again!
4 Best YouTube Downloaders Apps for Mac in 2021
Everyone who enjoys watching videos on YouTube has thought about downloading something from it at least once. Have you recognized yourself? ;) Well, if yes, I have good news for you - there are several top-notch apps that do all this work. And you can get them from SetApp, which is super convenient! You just subscribe to SetApp and use ANY of the apps available on the platform. By the way, they offer a free 7-day trial.
How to Fully Use Dropbox on Your Mac
Dropbox can be integrated into your workflow on Mac, so you don’t need to do hundreds of other actions than just having everything at your fingertips. This is the main reason to get Dropbox and start using the app.

Best 3 Mac Apps for Reading

Updated Oct. 11, 2019

Best 3 Mac Apps for Reading
Electronic books are convenient, as you don’t need to grab all your things and your pocket can be home to hundreds of books stored on a mobile device or in your suitcase on a Mac. Here are the best apps to read ebooks on a Mac!

Best Text Editor to Use on Mac

Updated Oct. 06, 2019

Best Text Editor to Use on Mac
There’s a great variety of apps dealing with texts and different contents, still, people mostly use them for producing prose or writing code. Let’s take a look at the best apps for these purposes!