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My name's Adam, I'm the creator of HowToUninstallOnMac and I'm glad to welcome you at our cozy and handy website.

Our mission is providing the most useful stories from the tech world of software, Mac OS X and Macs in general, mobile, and so on. We aim for creating efficient tips and tricks, as well as writing helpful reviews for you.

We've seen a plenty of sites that cover tech news, but the majority of them miss the mark. So, we decided to create a resource that will offer only working solutions with step-by-step "how to" manuals. Our goal is making the working process with your Mac easier. That's how HowToUninstallOnMac was created.

We won't spend your time without a purpose by offering you long articles with no much sense, we won't try to fill your feed with uninteresting news and information. Just honest opinions, working advice, detailed manuals will be found here.

Long story short, we've created a site that we had always wanted to follow. They say, if you want to do something perfectly, do it yourself. Maybe you'll enjoy it too. You're welcome!