Authorization and Deauthorization iTunes on Your Mac or PC

Authorization and Deauthorization iTunes on Your Mac or PC

While using Mac or Windows, iTunes is the only way and source of the legal content (music, books, movies, apps etc) for the laptop or PC. Almost all of them are limited by the DRM or Digital Rights Management, which protects the content information from being stolen by someone else, except the person who has bought it. Digital rights management works this way: you won’t be able to listen to the music you’ve downloaded, if you are not still authorized in iTunes, because the Mac still needs a special permission. You will get a notification claiming to enter your iTunes account before you try to play the content that has been bought. So, it demands a permission for performing it. This article will give you some tips about ways of handling this strict limitation.

Of course, not all the iTunes content has all these restrictions. However, users need to authorize their computers with the Apple ID that linked to iTunes. It happens because there are still many iTunes apps, such as iTunes Radio or TV Shows. It is not a problem for people who have just one Mac or PC, but what should do the others, who use more than two devices? There can be some troubles, because you can be instantly logged in your iTunes account only from 5 computers. By the way, you can sign into as many computers as you want with your Apple ID. 5 computers is the limitation for playing the content.

So, check the number of computers, which are using your account at the same time. You can do this in the ‘Home’ section of iTunes Store. There you should click ‘Account’ right in the ‘Quick Links’ section. Then sign in and you'll see all your computer authorizations at the bottom of the ‘Summary’ section of ‘Apple ID’. Remember that devices as iPhones, iPads or iPods don’t need your attention, only PCs and Macs do.

Here are some tips and tricks how to handle this strict limitation! Follow our recommendations and you will easily authorize iTunes on your Mac or PC.


The Process of Authorization and Deauthorization iTunes

Have you just installed iTunes? Alternatively, maybe you are using a new computer for the first time. Then it won’t be so hard to authorize iTunes. When enabling iTunes Radio, it asks for the iTunes authorization. A dialogue window will appear. It requires following the next steps. It’s simple — type your password and the Apple ID affiliated with the information you are eager to reach. Have no doubt that you will be logged into iTunes on your Mac or PC.

Do you want to authorize iTunes manually? You should open the ‘Store’ in the Menu bar and then choose ‘Authorize This Computer’. Do not panic when you cannot see this menu, if you are Windows user! Just click the icon of the window on the left top and you will find this menu there.

The possibility of deauthorizing iTunes is also a useful function. It can be done via this menu. Choose ‘Deauthorize Computer’ and enter your password and the Apple ID one more time. Anyway, we are talking about this in our article so far and giving you a detailed instruction!


Have you reached the Authorization Limit? Not a problem!

You know that there is an opportunity to enter and log out iTunes on different Macs and PCs when you want, but only if you do not exceed the limit — 5 devices at once. When you are eager to log in iTunes on one more PC or Mac, be ready to see an error message that tells you that you’ve reached the limit.

One of the simplest ways to handle this is using one of your computers (especially the one that you don’t use regularly anymore) and log out from that device. Many users can face the problem when they don’t have an access to their old PCs or Macs because they have changed their devices. In this case, iTunes sees this situation as change that ask for a renewed authorization. So, don’t forget to deauthorize your previous computer while selling it, as you might be stuck if you do not want to log out from other devices.

Gratefully, Apple gives a helpful answer that lets clients to deauthorize on the greater part of their PCs without a moment's delay, adequately giving a fresh start for a client who can’t physically reauthorize all Macs or PCs that are presently used. In iTunes, type your name into the toolbar and choose the ‘Account Info’.

You will see a full range of the essential things that are connected with your iTunes account, for example, the information about payments, charging address, last history of purchases and memberships. Discover an option marked as ‘Computer Authorizations’. It monitors the quantity of Macs or PCs where iTunes is now approved.

You will see the button named ‘Deauthorize All’. As you can guess, this alternative lets you to deauthorize on the majority of your Macs or PCs, including the PCs can’t approach any longer. Tap the catch and confirm your choice. You will have none approved PCs after that and you can use any device that still works and approves iTunes physically.

Anyway, you may face one more inconvenience after doing that: Apple just gives you a chance to select ‘Deauthorize All’ just once in a year. So, in case you follow these recommendations today, you won't have a chance to log out from all the devices till the next year.

But what should you do, if there is a need to deauthorize more than once a year? Not everything is lost yet! Clients regularly get more than five PC limit and they are usually the most reliable Apple's clients, who have bought or use numerous iTunes on Macs or PCs. It really would seem very incorrect, if Apple obstructed their best clients from getting to their obtained content since they reach the five PC constrain more than one time consistently. That is how the organization offers its clients an unwritten exception to the annual 'Deauthorize All' rule.