Best 3 Mac Apps for Reading

Best 3 Mac Apps for Reading

Electronic books have become so popular that people rarely choose between an ebook and a printed version. Maybe, the last one is a great choice for a birthday present, but when it comes to everyday or business reading, ebooks win. This is convenient, you don’t need to grab all your things and your pocket can be home to hundreds of books stored on a mobile device.
Reading from a Mac or a Macbook can be even more convenient, as you have a larger screen in front of you. The question is: “Which app to use”, as there are tons of applications for reading ebooks.
Apple has its own app for reading - iBooks ePub reader is a great choice, still, it can be replaced by newer and more comfortable apps. You might wonder why not to read from a Kindle, iPad or iPhone, still, reading on Mac has its own benefits, once you try, you won’t ask such questions.
Let’s see which apps you should try to open the magic world of reading ebooks on your Mac.

The Best Reading Apps for Mac

On a Mac, you can scale fonts and adjust illustrations as you need, so this has definitely own benefits. Enlarge everything you want, open 2 pages at once and do everything to make your reading maximum comfortable.
Besides, you can open nearly any file without formatting, as Mac doesn’t require having all your ebooks in .epub, .mobi or PDF! 
Also, you can make notes while reading without closing the file or switching to another document. This will surely increase your reading productivity - save quotes and note your thoughts without distracting!

So, let’s look at the most popular books apps for Macs: Kindle, MarginNote, and iBooks.

Kindle Reader for Mac

This app is the most widely used for reading on Mac. Without any doubt, thousands of readers choose it due to a great choice of books in Kindle’s .mobi format. The application also has a user-friendly adjustable interface, as you can change fonts, the color of the background, line-spacing and fully adjust the screen to make your reading the most effective and comfortable.

Surprisingly, but using the Kindle reader app for Mac has its drawbacks. For instance, it understands only .mobi format, no other formats are supported. What’s more, this Kindle reading app doesn’t allow you to open books which you’ve got elsewhere than in their store.
Try using this reader - it can be got in the Amazon store or in Apple’s App Store.

And now, let’s proceed to one more reader which is considered to be the strongest competitor of Kindle. This is the iBooks app.

What is Special About iBooks for Mac?

This app is now called Apple Books, so you might know it under this new name. It is simple and convenient, and is a built-in feature of your Mac. Open it and use the app for buying any book from Apple Book Store - it offers all popular issues.

The app sees the ePub format, but this is not the only format it works with. Many users enjoy iBooks, cause it can open PDF files, which is impossible to do with almost all other readers.
As for adjustment options, this app can beat Kindle, as there are a lot of settings you can customize.
By the way, the latest update to Apple Books includes supporting audiobooks. This step has made this application from just a reader to full education and entertainment experience, which every Mac user can try.

Using MarginNote to Read on Mac

Another well-known books reader for Mac is MarginNote, which supports both PDF and ePub files, just as the previous one. This application can offer users unique features: mind-mapping, advanced annotations, flashcards, and so on. So, this will be helpful if you need to read learning books and better understand everything you’ve read.
You can place quick notes on the books’ margins (you see now, why this app is called so). You can always get back to these notes and use them at any time. 

Here’s how to make a note in MarginNote:

  1. Highlight the necessary text by clicking on it with a mouse cursor.
  2. Choose what you need to do with this text: add a tag, make a note, look for it somewhere else or just highlight. 
  3. If you decided to create a note, you can make it in a pop-up window and click the top-right icon once you’re done.

Here’s a short manual for creating a mind map:

  1. Select one of the excerpt tools in the app’s toolbar.
  2. Highlight the necessary text.
  3. Select ‘Add to MindMap’.

If you want to create a flashcard, do the following:

  1. Highlight the text once again.
  2. Select ‘Share’ in the top toolbar.
  3. Click ‘Add to Card Deck’.

Also, you can export your personal notes to iThoughts, Evernote or Anki flashcards, or print them.
So, MarginNote is a great choice for both students and professionals, as it allows to note the details and highlight the text you need to keep in mind.

Make Your Experience More Focused with Readers

Let’s draw a bottom line for this article. No matter which app you choose for reading if it fits your preferences. All in all, reading should be focused to achieve the highest productivity level. 
I can recommend you another app - HazeOver - which is a very lightweight utility for Mac, which allows to dim everything excess on the screen and keeps only your ebook reader in the focus. You can set the necessary for work level of dimming. Enjoy!

So, every app mentioned in this article is suitable for convenient reading on your Mac. It can be the Kindle reader with its enormous library of .mobi ebooks, universal iBooks built into every Mac, or MarginNote which allows making mind-maps and highlights in seconds.