13 Best Productivity Apps For Your Mac In 2021 [Updated]

13 Best Productivity Apps For Your Mac In 2021 [Updated]

Do you want to be more productive? Sure, you do. Everyone does! I love the 21 century, as technology helps us deal with our tasks easier and faster. In this article, I’m going to share the most useful productivity apps in 2021. No matter whether you’ll use them at work to improve your performance or at home when dealing with some everyday personal tasks, Setapp offers the top-notch arsenal of apps that serve these goals! Here are the most interesting ones:


What Apps Will Be Useful at Workplace?



If you’re dealing with several projects at once and need an organizer to not waste time switching between billions of folders, Workspaces will be your best friend. This app allows you to keep track of all the current tasks.

Every workspace lives in the Menu bar and keeps all your resources at hand right when you need them. What do I mean by saying “resources?” Anything from emails and web pages to documents and even apps!

Dedicate one workspace for each project and find everything in one place. Just click on what you’re working on and open the resources necessary for coping with your next task.

If you need to expand a workspace, add more commands and actions with plugins. For example, the “QuitApps” plugin quits all opened applications in one click. It’s truly convenient!




Need tech help in planning and keeping in mind essential and urgent work tasks? Don’t miss anything with the GoodTask app that is integrated with Apple’s Calendar and Reminders. It naturally expands their functionality and makes everything easier for you, thanks to the intuitive interface and post-it notes. Yeah, you won’t find it so simple with other to-do applications.

Focus only on what you need and turn on Quick Actions to create and tag tasks, set time for reminders, and prioritize them at a glance. Cope with small things more efficiently and discover that ambitious tasks are achievable!




Procrastination… This word is as long as the time we spend on socials instead of productive working. Even if we have entered the “flow mode”, any message from Twitter received to the phone beckons us to immediately read it and flip through the feed. I can bet everyone has found themselves on the 10th page of Reddit after visiting it for a couple of minutes. The Focus app will help you get rid of this habit!

It allows you to create a convenient work environment without distractions by blocking websites or web pages and apps to keep you on track. Honestly, it is a great alternative to the Pomodoro Technique, and you can try both options to see what suits you better.

All you need to do is to install Focus to your browser or macOS and customize the preferences. Build the schedule of safeguarding your work hours and see how well you’re doing in the Progress Tracker graphs. Yeah, it’s a nice way to get even more motivated, would you like to try?




All of us use at least one cloud storage. Some people have more, up to 5 storages at once. Indeed, I can’t imagine myself searching for a photo or a document in all these five places. Can you?

That’s when Dropshare comes in handy. This app brings together your favorite cloud providers and creates an ecosystem that enables quick access to your files in the Dropshare Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and other services.

User experience is exceptional. You can drag-and-drop files in bulk, share anything with anyone, save screen captures in the cloud, and secure your links with passwords in a couple of clicks. To make things even faster, customize keyboard shortcuts and complete tasks in seconds. The most wonderful part is that you never need to switch between several cloud services ever!



Collabio Spaces

This app is a versatile and powerful text and spreadsheet editor reinforced with cloudless collaboration technology and convenient document management system, tailored to the needs of macOS and iOS users. Create and enhance text documents and spreadsheets in convenient and intuitive editors, or import them from your device. Make them clear and beautiful by formatting, using typography, layout, and adding bright visuals to them.

Except for co-authoring text documents and spreadsheets, the macOS version of the app offers the ability to organize everything in handy spaces. They help swiftly to switch between different projects without losing focus.

As for the iOS version of Collabio Spaces, it is a real office multi-tool in your pocket. Create and edit texts and spreadsheets, annotate PDFs, scan documents with a mobile camera, add audio comments to text documents, use e-signature, and many more!

One more special feature of the app is that the collaboration technology works anywhere, in a desert, in a forest, in the mountains, and even in space! The only thing you need is your mates with their iPhones, iPads or MacBooks nearby.




It is another powerful text editor tailored to the needs of macOS users. It is designed to keep all your notes, scribbles, text documents, and ideas in one place. This saves a huge amount of time we usually spend searching for the necessary document version or a note in a pile of similar digital notes. It’s not a secret that some notes and documents can be never found in cyberspace. So, organizing your thoughts is the first priority task Ulysses deals with.

If you are a blogger/writer/author/copywriter/content manager, this app is the best choice. Thanks to its clean UI that helps you focus on the task, you easily write undistracted, then format the text to make it more readable, and finally, publish it on your WordPress or Medium blog without leaving the app! As for the layout of your text document, you can achieve even more by integrating Markdown XL. It will handle every formatting need, be it making text italicized and bold, or adding footnotes or numbered lists. 

Also, you can export your writing to an ebook in PDF, HTML, or DOCX. Just pick the style you like from a great variety of them, and that’s it!



Commander One

For those who are missing a convenient dual-pane file manager, Commander One will be the right choice. Treat it like an enhanced Finder with all tools for managing files you can imagine - advanced search, FTP client, file archiver, connected cloud services, and many other goodies.

Managing files in two panes is truly time-saving, especially if you customize hotkeys for quick access. The app allows that, as well as viewing hidden files. I call their search “advanced”, as it lets you track archived files and any content inside documents. Well, it is really useful if you work with loads of data every day. 

Also, the content can be accessed from any device if connected to Commander One. It enables iOS, Android, and MTP file transfer. Sure, it’s possible to connect to remote servers via a built-in FTP client and integrate cloud accounts (Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and others) to the app.




If you’re dealing with creative tasks and often brainstorm at work, iThoughtsX may help. It is a convenient mind mapping app with a clear interface and a handful of useful features for keeping ideas and planning future actions.

The latter is what I like the most about the app. Start with just one thought and brainstorm around this idea. Trace connections between various concepts, describe every suggestion, outline actions needed to bring them to life, set deadlines, and track the progress in one app! Add images, links, and other items to your diagrams. Such an organization will empower you to prioritize tasks, set up thoughts, keep what you need, and also generate more fresh ideas!

If you need to share a document with your mind map with others, import it to one of the widely used formats and send it to anyone or export it to the cloud (Dropbox, iCloud). The app supports RTF, TXT, DOCX, CSV, MGMX, OPML, and many other formats. Btw, you can import documents in these formats to iThoughtX as well.



What Productivity Apps Will Be Helpful Anytime?


What can be easier than copy-pasting anything? Well, this question is not so simple as it may seem. I personally often find myself in the situation when I copy something, then I copy something else, and in 5 minutes realize that I need the first thing from the clipboard, however, it’s already lost.

For people like me, the Paste app is the solution to this issue. It is an infinite clipboard where you can access anything you copied! You can sync clipboards across devices, copy text without formatting, and share anything with your mates.

Don’t worry that you’ll lose something, as the app offers intelligent search. Find a snippet of text asap by typing the first letters. It’s so intuitive that I haven’t had any questions about how it works, so I highly recommend this app to everyone.




Need to record screen on macOS but QuickTime isn’t enough for fulfilling your needs? In fact, this app feels like 6-in-1! It allows capturing the screen without icons on the desktop, recording and trimming videos, saving screenshots to the cloud, and many more.

Grab the area, a window, or a scrolling window, as well as fullscreen. Set a timer, if you know how long the recording is going to take. Edit your records - highlight or blur their specific parts. The app’s simple interface together with the powerful functionality makes it the best screen-recording app for me.

Everything your record is saved to CleanShot Cloud for 30 days for free. To my mind, this time frame is more than enough to decide whether you need the record.




This app will be helpful both at work and at home. This keyboard assistant will streamline your workflow and help cope with ordinary everyday tasks faster. It looks like a command line, where you can specify what you need in plain English. Launch an app, open links, set up reminders, search for documents, and many more without visiting dozens of places on your Mac. So, Lacona is a great addition to Siri.

The most wonderful thing is that you don’t need to use complex commands as in Mac’s Terminal. Write as you speak. For example, when I’m typing “Remind me to call my sister tomorrow at 3 PM”, it does all the work for me and I see a reminder when I need it.




This app is what anyone on Earth needs. It’s not only about work but the entire life productivity. It helps me stay focused on what I am doing beyond time, as sometimes, I get so absorbed by some activity that I forget to eat. :) 

The Timeless app is placed instead of the built-in clock and shows an indicator of the time range instead of how much time it is. This gives an insight into how much time is left for a certain task, so you don’t have a chance to start browsing socials just because lunchtime is near.

You set these time frames yourself and can edit them later. The good news is that you get used to the schedule very soon. So, you won’t find yourself scrolling Reddit feed at 3 AM instead of sleeping.



CleanMyMac X

The last yet essential app on my list is CleanMyMac, which you might have come across on my blog. I love this app, cause it helps speed up my Mac and make it work efficiently, no matter how much RAM it has.

Cleaning and optimization are about this app. Except for these features, it can help completely uninstall apps (without leaving leftovers), remove malware, find and delete old files you won’t ever need, and see what’s going on with your disk space.

What took me hours earlier now can be done in 2-3 clicks. I remember these long ways to clean my folders manually and I’m extremely glad that technology does everything for me!

Download CleanMyMac X


What Else Can You Find on Setapp?

The listed apps are my favorites, however, Setapp offers access to more than 160 various apps you can use with only one cheap subscription (about $100 per year). To my mind, guys have done a great job collecting all these powerful and beautiful productivity apps in one place.

I highly recommend visiting their website and looking at what they offer. You will certainly find something for yourself!