Best Text Editor to Use on Mac

Best Text Editor to Use on Mac

As you already know, a text editor is a software empowering users to edit text and graphic content for all purposes: notes, prose, and even programming. Text editors have always taken an important place in the lives of computer uses. That’s why many people are in search of the best text editor, what’s more, users need this not only for personal use but for dealing with professional tasks.

Solving this problem becomes even more complicated when one starts choosing the best text editor for Mac among hundreds of different apps. It’s hard to define which one is the best for Mac, as every personal choice depends on the row of various factors. Still, I have picked a list of great programs from which you’ll be able to choose what is the best for your needs.

How to Choose a Suitable Text Editor for Your Mac

There’s a great variety of apps dealing with texts and different contents, still, people mostly use them for producing prose or writing code. While the latter can be done in every plain text editor, prose creators need more tools for formatting, and not all Mac apps are great for that.

The only thing you should bear in mind is that all software is paid, so think carefully before making the final decision. I’ll try to highlight all the advantages of the following text editor so you could choose what fits your preferences without manual testing all these applications.

Writing with the Mac’s Plain Text Editor

Essential apps are always great, while the market has long been taken by MS Word, Google Docs and Pages. Basic plain text editors allow you to focus on the main things without distracting on what you don’t need at all. Such a focused approach may be sometimes helpful!
If you need this kind of editor, look at Ulysses and Focused.

Simple Ulysses and Its Power

Ulysses - a writing app for Mac - puts simplicity of writing environment to the first place. However, it has several powerful features which can come in use to every writer. For example, advanced exporting or Markdown.
The latter is a great tool for marking up text without decreasing its readability and publishing it somewhere on the web.
Thanks to mentioned above exporting options, Ulysses can create .docx, HTML, PDF and ePub files, which can be instantly published on Medium or WordPress.
So, you just concentrate on the writing process and publish what you’ve written in a couple of clicks. All your folders, subfolders and categories are displayed on the left. This is very convenient, as a few text editors come with this feature. So, you are free to organize your documents at any time.
Ulysses’ library for syncing texts with iCloud is a great tool for those who want to have their contents on every Apple device.
Besides that, Ulysses is available for iPad and iPhone. It allows attaching pictures, files and even PDFs.

So, this app unites simplicity with power, which gives it an enormous advantage.

Be Focused with the Focused App

Even the most convenient and professional text editor might be distracting with their loads of tools placed all over the screen. So, if you are looking for something really distraction-free, try using the Focused app. It is ideal for creating drafts when you need to see only the main idea and nothing more.
No plenty of tools and features you don’t use - only pure writing experience.

The app has a special ZenMode which allows you to select some calm soundtrack for blocking the noise. Only the text, only the words, only the sense!
There are only 6 typography features for changing the style, still, this won’t distract you from creating universes.
Besides, the Focused app supports Markdown for web export and can automatically save your documents. So, if something happens, you can always bring your texts back.
Well, if you need an editor for plain text, I’d recommend using Ulysses first, and if you need more deep writing experience, switch to Focused.

Next, let’s take a look at apps which are the best fit for coders - TeaCode and CodeRunner.

Built-in Mac’s Coding Software

If you are writing code and create software, even the best text editor for Mac won’t be helpful. Why? They don’t offer code expanders, documentation and syntax support. So, developers should use professional applications for that.
I’d like to tell you about the two most popular and convenient applications for coders - CodeRunner and TeaCode.

TeaCode - Quick and Efficient App

This software allows developers using code expanders for specifying repetitive functions, templates and components, so you can paste all these things using special customized abbreviations.
TeaCode can have your own library, so you can use it while coding on your Mac.
This software includes 70+ code expanders for HTML, PHP, Swift, and other programming languages.
The app also supports using shortcuts for pasting these code expanders. You’ll be focused only on your work, and the TeaCode app will be your trusted helper. 

Next, let’s consider an alternative - CodeRunner.

Write Your Code with Convenient CodeRunner

While searching for the best text editor for writing code on Mac, it’s always useful to consider several options.
CodeRunner is an editor supporting many programming languages (more than 25!). This means that both beginners and advanced developers can use it. If you can’t find the language you need, the app can be extended to make your work more effective.

Also, CodeRunner supports documentation right inside the app, so you won’t ever be distracted by going online in search of something you need for work. Find all the objects, functions and methods right away.

Another thing any coder needs - quick debugging. CodeRunner can scan your code for mistakes and check the call stack, so you can fix all the bugs before sending your code to production.
This feature is just invaluable!

Choosing the Best Text Editor For Professional Use

While choosing the best Mac text editor, keep in mind your final goal. What will you use this software for? Just writing texts or coding? Or maybe you need to create bright document or calendar…
All in all, turning ideas into the text can successfully take place in Ulysses or Focused. And high-quality code can be created in CodeRunner or TeaCode. So, it’s up to you what to choose!