The Best VPN Browser for iPhone

The Best VPN Browser for iPhone

The Internet connection has become an important part of people’s lives. We browse the web at work, at home and from any place in the world.

Still, while web surfing outside your home, it is recommended to use a VPN, as without it, anyone can have access to your data. VPN encrypts all information, keeping it safe.

In my previous articles, I told you about the best VPN apps for Macs and PCs. It is now time to talk about top VPN apps and browsers for iOS. Here is what apps I use on my iPhone or iPad and which software is recommended by other experts.


1. VPN Unlimited for iOS

As I mentioned in my other articles, VPN Unlimited from KeepSolid is the best fit for my needs. It can be used on 5 devices, so I have this VPN app on my desktop and mobile devices. When someone asks me what is the best VPN browser for iPhone, I usually recommend this app, though it is not a browser but a fully-functional software.

They don’t have a free version of VPN for iOS, still, you can use a 7-day trial version. If something goes wrong and you don’t like the app, there is a money-back guarantee, so you can always cancel your subscription.

A vast choice of IP addresses in 60+ countries is what I like most about this app. Another advantage is the speed of connection that is impressive compared to other VPN providers. I usually don’t experience any lags or errors.

That is why I put this VPN browser for iOS in the first place.


2. HotspotShield

What comes in the second place is my next favorite VPN browser app for iPhone called HotspotShield. They offer 2500+ servers in 25+ countries. With it, you have a great possibility to select another IP address, avoid blocks on sites and get access to any content you want.

They support 5 devices per 1 account, so you can have one VPN on your Mac or PC, another one on iPad and one more VPN browser on iPhone.

The speed and performance of HotspotShield are great as well, so try it, if you want to experience really fast Internet browsing.


3. ExpressVPN

This app works on iOS as good as it works on OS X. They have 148 server locations and more than 2000 servers in the network, which offer you more than 30K different IP addresses.

This VPN browser for iPhone is easy to set up and easy-to-use. The performance and the support are on the high level.

Though, this app can be used just on 3 devices. If you need more, you have to purchase one more subscription or select another VPN provider for iOS. What’s more, ExpressVPN doesn’t have free versions or ‘light’ plans that cost fewer money.


4. IPVanish

You might remember this VPN provider from one of my overviews of best VPNs for Mac and PC. Some people say that this VPN browser for iOS is a mix of best price and performance. However, for me, VPNs listed above have better performance for lower prices, but this may be the matter of habit. I have become very used to VPN Unlimited recently.

What’s great about this VPN app for iOS is that you can choose one of the 1000+ servers located in more than 60 countries. They suggest using one of the 40K+ IP addresses. This number is really impressive!

And I like the number of supported devices per account - 10!

The performance of their iOS app is excellent and the interface is intuitive and simple. If you decide to purchase an annual subscription, you’ll have a nice discount from the original price. However, they don’t offer a free trial and their prices are higher than average.


5. VyprVPN

The last VPN browser for iOS in my rating is VyprVPN with 700+ servers in more than 70 locations. Nevertheless, there’s plenty of IP addresses - their number is more than 200K. One account allows safely connect from 3-5 devices.

The app is supported by devices operating on iOS 9 and higher.

Though, I find their prices a bit high. Anyway, this Swiss app claims that their performance is exceptional.