4 Best YouTube Downloaders Apps for Mac in 2021

4 Best YouTube Downloaders Apps for Mac in 2021

Everyone who enjoys watching videos on YouTube has thought about downloading something from it at least once. Have you recognized yourself? ;)

Well, if yes, I have good news for you - there are several top-notch apps that do all this work. And you can get them from SetApp, which is super convenient! You just subscribe to SetApp and use ANY of the apps available on the platform. By the way, they offer a free 7-day trial.

So, let’s get back to our YouTube downloaders. I can offer you the four best ones:



This app works in three ways. Firstly, you can add a browser extension. Secondly, you can drag & drop the link to any video into the application. Thirdly, you can search for videos to download even from the app, without visiting your browser. After that, find the video you need on your Mac!

Except for YouTube, the Downie app allows getting content from Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and a handful of other websites. Honestly speaking, there are almost 1200 resources this app works with. What’s more, when I’m saying “content,” I mean not only video content but also MP3 audio files - the app saves only the audio track if you need to replenish your playlist. ;)

I enjoy this app, cause its interface is intuitive and user-friendly, without all those extra functions you never use. Also, unlike many similar apps, Downie allows downloading even 4K videos.



It is a multifunctional downloader, as it works with almost anything - from YouTube videos to torrents and direct downloads. Folx Pro is great at two things. Firstly, the app is extremely fast, as it can split downloads into several streams. Secondly, what’s even more interesting for any Internet user, it offers a torrent search just in the app. Folx keeps your credentials for sites where you need to log in, so you won’t have to authorize every time.

Besides, as you have understood, the app allows getting videos from YouTube. All you have to do is to copy the link to what you need and insert it in the YouTube tab of the app. Choose the quality, rename files, and find the videos on your Mac after a fast and reliable download!

Folx’s music downloader is another exciting feature. You can later integrate this music into your iTunes playlist. To make the process even simpler, the app allows searching for songs in its built-in search bar.

I would choose Folx if I needed exceptional speed (which is possible thanks to their 20 streams for downloads). Torrent users will find the app extremely helpful, as you can search for downloads without leaving the app, and Folx will show the number of seeds and offer you a one-click download.


Elmedia Player

This player is a universal choice. Although it copes well with downloading videos from YouTube, it can play any video or audio file you need, including streaming content from the web. For me, it’s one of the best players for Mac ever, as I love its pleasant design and an entire range of advanced features. No more lagging or glitching sound! Only hi-res videos and smooth watching. I haven’t had any problems with playing common formats, such as AVI, MOV, MP3, MP4, MKV, as well as many others, which I don’t use very often.

Those who stream videos from YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo, will be able to enjoy content without ads! If you need to download a video or even a playlist from YouTube, this player does that without hesitation!

Do you need to get only music from video files? Elmedia Player helps with that! I choose MP3, but you can get music in other formats too, for example, M4A or any other.

Last but not least is streaming content via AirPlay. If you want to show the video from your iPhone on a TV screen, just connect the devices and start watching!



This app can do many useful things. It includes a media downloader, a backup manager, file transfer, and others. With it, you can transfer media data across iCloud, iTunes, and iOS, and also backup mobile data to your Mac.

As you might already have understood, AnyTrans can be a helper in getting media content from YouTube, Dailymotion, and more than 900 other websites. Except for just downloading videos, you can create collections in the app and watch them later.

The app can be your best friend in the question of data migration. We all get new iPhones or MacBooks from time to time. Sometimes, transferring data to make you “feel like at home” with your new device becomes a real puzzle. With AnyTrans, you won’t come across such a problem.

With it, you will be sure that your data won’t get lost, as it also allows you to create or schedule backups. By the way, scheduled ones are fully automatic, so you can sleep well knowing that the data will be saved.


All these applications offer us downloading videos and audios from YouTube and other sites, however, you are free to choose the most relevant option. They are different in other features. Still, who knows, maybe after reading this list of short overviews you’ll want to get ALL of them, ha? ;)