MacBook Pro’19 - Why Should Your Buy It?

MacBook Pro’19 - Why Should Your Buy It?

Apple has introduced a new version of their laptops with refreshed Pro-s with 13” and 15” displays. Unfortunately, MacBook Pro 12” hasn’t got any updates, but others’ are now even more powerful!

What I need to note before we start - these MacBook Pros are the fastest ever! I was really impressed by their speed. Impressive! So, let’s discuss what else these laptops are great in. There’s a handful of new characteristics and features to examine!

All Specs of 2019 MacBook Pros

Every new release of MacBook Pro means increased productivity and upgrades. Still, some users notice not very comfortable innovations such as lack of ports and changes in keyboards.
As for 2019 MacBook pro, I noticed great growth in the speed of work compared to the 2018 version. So, let’s compare these two and decide whether the 2019 model is worth purchasing.

2018 and 2019 MacBook Pro: Which One Is Better?

The price for a new 13” MacBook Pro can be either $1.799 or $1.999 depending on the specifications, the processor in particular. As for 15” machines, they cost $2.399 and $2.799.
The more advanced processors, graphic adapter and memory storage are, the higher is the price.
After the release of 2019 models, 2018 machines have become cheaper, so you can now look through the prices and choose the one you like if you want to save money. But keep in mind that they won’t work as fast as 2019 versions. Are you ready to get one? Visit BestBuy or Amazon and look for the model of your choice.

Is Display Better in 2019 MacBook Pro?

Honestly speaking, displays in 2019 machines are the same to 2018 ones. These are True Tome Retina screens which can adjust the picture on the display to your surroundings, which is convenient, as you don’t need to dim your screen manually.

Performance of the New MacBook Pro

As I mentioned above, this is what users will love this model for. For instance, new 15” MacBook Pros have Intel Core i9 processors which come in 2.3GHz and 2.4 GHz configurations.
The speed has improved by 9/9% compared to the previous MacBook model. Nearly 10% in a year - very impressive!
As for 13” machines, they are equipped with i5 processors of 8th generation, which show the incredible growth in productivity as well.

Battery life in MacBook Pro 2019

My colleagues and I did not notice any changes in battery configuration and its work duration. It still works well with 10-hours web surfing, but the same was done by 2018 batteries.
However, 15” models have more powerful batteries than 13” ones. Still, this can be called a sort of compensation for using a larger screen.

Storage Updated in MacBook Pro 2019

Storages haven’t been changed, still, you can upgrade them. 
13” models can have 2Tb SSD, while 15-inch ones can have up to 4Tb storages. Don’t be in a hurry to get one, as such enlarged storages may cost you $2800+, which is the price of one more 15” MacBook Pro!

Keyboard Improvements

The keyboard of the new MacBook Pros is another discussed topic. Older models had problems with dust under the keys, and all these issues are finally solved in the 2019 line!
The new butterfly mechanism announced by Apple can reduce all those failures and one can even notice a protective membrane covering the keys! I am not sure how well this will work, we will see. Also, Apple gives a warranty for their keyboards, and it lasts 4 years.

Why Should You Buy a MacBook Pro 2019?

I’d recommend the upgrade to owners of 2016-2017 MacBooks, as those models are so old that not every app will work properly on them. If you own a 2015 Pro version, think twice whether you would like to switch to a new keyboard, but also get an opportunity to cope with tasks quicker thanks to new powerful processors.

If you are an owner of the 2018 model, only 15” MacBook Pro from the 2019 line might be a great choice for you. It will definitely boost the whole workflow! As for 13” laptops owners, you can postpone the upgrade to the upcoming year, I bet 2020 is going to offer something new.

How to Switch from an Old MacBook to a New One

I understand that you are already used to your old MacBook. You know all its preferences and configurations, and your file storage is a cozy place for your documents, while a new machine will be completely empty. So, how to renew everything on another MacBook Pro?

I’d recommend you using iStat Menus to monitor your machine’s capabilities. This is a bar which will inspect anything happening on your Mac. There are 6 panels for diagnostics and they can be configured in a couple of clicks. Find all the information about your MacBook in one place!

If you want to switch to a new laptop - MacBook Pro 2019 - and back up all your environment, use Get Backup Pro.
This app is a great and powerful backup software which can clone, copy, save your files with all the necessary preferences, so you will just start working on a new machine and find everything in the same places.

If you have upgraded to a new MacBook Pro and are going to sell your old machine, don’t forget to do a factory reset. So, your personal information will be deleted and another person will set it up from the very beginning.

Revive Your Old MacBook Pro!

If you find 2019 MacBook Pros too expensive, but the old machine is not performing quite well, don’t get upset. There’s a way out!
You can improve its performance just by cleaning junk files. Unbelievable but true. What’s more, you can do that only by running CleanMyMac X, which will do the rest of the work for you. To my mind, this app is one of the most effective performance enhancers ever.
You need to click a couple of times, and CleanMyMac X will scan your MacBook Pro for unnecessary files, clear cache, remove malware and remove duplicates. 

So, this is a full-fledged way to bring your old Mac to the almost new condition!