How to Change the Browser Homepage on your Mac OS

How to Change the Browser Homepage on your Mac OS

Many Mac users face a problem of adware. You may browse for something interesting in the web, install an app of click a link and a nasty software comes along with it. Such infections may look like pop-up windows or malicious warnings.

A simple and quick way to get rid of infections is running a free Anti-Malware for Mac made by Malwarebytes. However, adware changes your browser homepage and it should be fixed manually. So, here is the way of changing your homepage back to a usual one.

How to Change the Homepage in Safari on Mac

Launch the app, click the 'Safari' menu to the left, then choose 'Preferences'.

safari preferences macClick the 'General' tab in the new window and find the line where the homepage address should be typed.

safari change homepage macTest the change. Quit your browser and open a new window again. You should see the new homepage opened. If it doesn't open, try using a shortcut Shift+Cmd+H.

How to Change the Homepage in Google Chrome on Mac

Open the application. Click the 'Chrome' in the upper-left menu bar, choose 'Preferences'. A new window will appear. Look if it is the same as on my picture below:

mac chrome preferenceschange homepage chrome mac
If there is the 'Open a specific page or set of pages' line, click 'Set pages' and see the box of the Chrome startup pages.

Remove the unwanted ones (click 'x' to the right of each line) and add the necessary URL to this box. Clicking 'OK' will save the changes.

How to Change the Homepage in Mozilla Firefox on Mac

The process is nearly the same to what we did in Safari and Chrome. Open the browser. Go to 'Firefox' > 'Preferences' at the top. In the preferences box, select 'General' and locate the 'Home Page' box.

mac change firefox homepageChange the URL written there to the one you like and close the Firefox browser. A new homepage will be opened when you launch the browser the next time.

Done! You can additionally run the Malwarebytes application I linked above. Set the desired homepage after that.

P.S. Be careful while downloading apps from unknown sources. The safest way is getting them in the AppStore.