How to Set a New Default Download Folder on Mac OS

How to Set a New Default Download Folder on Mac OS

Hi! There can be lots of clogged-up Downloads folders or you just want to change default Download folder to some another folder. But I think that it’s always better to keep all downloaded files organized and cleaned up if they are saved on my desktop. Do you agree? Now I'm going to tell you how to change downloads destination for different browsers.

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It’s no matter what browser do you use, Safari, Firefox or Chrome, because we will reveal the secrets of every browser. The process is easy and similar to these three applications. That’s how you can change the default folder for downloads on your Mac.


Let’s Сhange Safari’s Download Location on Mac

At first, we have to launch Apple’s built-in browser and then go to the Safari menu. It is located in the left upper corner of the screen. Choose “Preferences” from the list that drops down.

For Apple’s built-in Safari browser, first, launch the app and then click on the Safari menu in the top-left corner of your screen. Choose “Preferences” from the drop-down list. It’s not hard to find.

Go to the “General” tab and change the line “File download location” after a new window opens.

As you have already noticed, our location is set to Desktop. But you can choose any folder you want! Click on “Other” and the familiar to you dialog box will appear. Select any folder you like in this dialog box.

If you want to use different folders for different files, change toggle down and choose “Ask for each download” as it’s shown in the screenshot. It means that you will be able to save files everywhere you want every time you download something.


Let’s Change the Download Location in Firefox

You’ll have to start exactly how we did with Safari. Let’s launch the application and click on the main menu where the “Preferences” line can be found. “Save files to” option can appear under the “General” tab. Choose the right button and switch the download location to another folder.

By the way, Firefox can ask you where to save files just like Safari does. Choose the button “Ask me where to save files” and vary the destination folder every time you save something from the Internet.


Changing of the Default Download Folder in Chrome

The process here is a bit harder than in Safari and Firefox. But the start is the same. Launch your Chrome and select “Preferences” at the top of the screen.

Go down to “Settings” tab and choose “Advanced settings” there.

When they appear on your screen, scroll down a bit and you’ll find the “Download location” option. Click on “Change” and choose the folder you like. Or make Chrome ask you to choose the download folder every time.

Still, that’s not all! We have one more hint for you! Mail also uses this folder to save attachments. And it can also be changed! Find the “Preferences” button in Mail. It can be found under the “General” tab.

Finally, you know how to change the default download location in all browsers on your Mac and even in Mail!