CleanMyDrive 2 Review: How to Manage External Drives on Mac

CleanMyDrive 2 Review: How to Manage External Drives on Mac

Hey, guys! I'm here today to tell you about the awesome app called CleanMyDrive 2, and it's my review, enjoy. Also, I will share all you need to know about external disk cleaner tool.

It's been quite a while, since we began to use computers at work, at home, on vacation, wherever possible. Of course, the hard drive is not always big enough to keep a lot of our data, e.g, valuable files from work, family photos, videos and other important information. With the development of information technologies, along came cloud storages that allowed to store an infinite number of files, and now information can be stored and synchronized on various devices, freeing them from the clutter of unnecessary data. However, the use of cloud storage requires a permanent Internet connection, which is not always possible. Some of us continue to use flash drives, SD cards, etc.

In some cases, it is very convenient and allows you to protect your information from unwanted circulation or loss. A lot of us still use flash drives for data backups or extra data storage. Not many of you may know that before you open a flash drive's contents, the operating system mounts its image, and only then provides information about and access to the data. That's why you need to properly remove a USB-drive. Today we will tell you about the CleanMyDrive 2, it's  a new app from developers of CleanMyMac X, Gemini 2, Hider 2 and Encrypto. You can Download it for Free and try it right now! Also if you wanna know detailed information about CleanMyDrive 2 continue reading my review.  


CleanMyDrive 2 Review. What Does It Do?

What functions does CleanMyDrive 2 provide? First of all, the application is designed to save your time by monitoring free space on your external drives. Once you have downloaded and installed the application, its icon appears in the top menu bar.

As you can see, the application box shows all the connected drives: USB Disk, Backups Storage, Digital Camera SD card, Disk image and your Macs hard drive in one place.

Using a color scale, just like in iTunes, the application displays the size of used disk space. By hovering the cursor on the colors, you can display the data' volume and see exactly what type of files they are and how much space they take. We think that is a very useful feature that will help you manage your external drives more easily. You can see all external hard drives in one place and have one-click access to their data or one click eject option.


How to Clean Up Junk with CleanMyDrive 2 from your Mac

Using a special algorithm, CleanMyDrive 2 also determines how much space is taken by Junk (useless system information and old trash files) on your external drives. You can clear space of unnecessary junk by simply clicking 'Clean' button below the color line. 

There is one feature here that is not quite clear: moving files to the drive. The developer's idea is to drag the files after opening the drop-down menu. It seems like a useless feature, as it requires too many unnecessary actions. It's much quicker to just move files using Finder. It's was our first thoughts, but then we realized that you not always have Finder window open, for example:

You have received a new email with attached files in it. And now you can drag-and-drop attached files from email, right straight to the external drive you want in CleanMyDrive 2 drop-down, and it will take just a second.

So, you can use that feature in any application which has no mounting drives on the left sidebar panel like Finder has.

For the additional appeal, the application interface designers provided the option of changing the way external drives icons look. To select a new icon for a drive, click "Change disk icon" to its left, and the app will give several options to select from. But this is a pay feature, so if you really care about how is your drive icon looks like, you probably can buy some of those icons, but we not see the reason why.

In the same box, you can also activate Automatic Cleanup of your external drives and Always Keep Mounted features.   


Safely Removing USB Drives on Mac with the Help of CleanMyDrive 2 App

You can safely remove USB drives using CleanMyDrive 2 on your Mac. There is a separate 'Eject' button for that, located to the right of each external drive you have connected to your Mac.

With one click, the application provides the option of safe removal for all external drives. You can also remove all connected drives at once, just by clicking 'Eject All'. Also, CleanMyDrive 2 ejects all your external drives in the safest way automatically when you close your MacBook, it's really useful feature, coz if you not eject you external drives safely it can corrupt your data on it, but with help of CleanMyDrive 2, you don't need to think about it anymore.

CleanMyDrive 2 can automatically change the color scheme of the drop-down menu if the menu bars background is changed.

In the application settings that are located in the upper left corner, you can see a brief presentation of CleanMyDrive 2, and find answers to the questions about using the application in the Help Center Tab. Contact Support if you do not find an answer to your question. In Preferences, you can find the option of directly configuring the application, such as "Launch on System Startup", "Show notifications on the mount and eject", "Eject on sleep", "Eject all volumes of one disk". In summary, we can say that CleanMaDrive 2 is a small and simple, but very powerful utility for managing your external drives and cleaning the disks of excess junk manually or automatically. If you have any questions please left your comments below.

Thx for reading my CleanMyDrive 2 Review!