How to Clear Safari Caches on Mac OS in the Best Way

How to Clear Safari Caches on Mac OS in the Best Way

Cleaning browser's cache is necessary for the comfortable Internet surfing. And I want to tell you how to clear Safari Caches on Mac OS X today.

There is a plenty of cases when cleaning Safari cache is necessary. The first thing is an improper work of some website, for example, Facebook may stop loading new posts or images can disappear. It happens because of cache. Cache is the place where websites' data is kept in order not to download it again every time you open it.

If you have noticed that your personal data is shown incorrectly, clean cookies. It may help. Cookies save this data and what you've done on a certain website.

Even if you don't face the problems listed above, cleaning browser cache is useful as it makes Safari work faster and protects your privacy. So if you like read text guides you can continue reading or watch our video instead.

Safari has an inbuilt Clear History tool. Find it on the Main menu and go to the bottom of  ‘History’. It can clean history for an hour, a day, today + yesterday, or all the data. Select the option you need and tap ‘Clear History’. Done!

But the way this feature cleans the browser history has cons as well. It deletes all the history, all cache, and all cookies.

Anyway, Safari includes tools that work on the site-by-site basis too. 


How to Remove Certain Websites From the Safari Browser History on your Mac

First of all, go to History > Show All History at Safari main menu. You'll see the list of websites you have visited recently. You can select one in that sites or days and press Delete or Backspace on your keyboard to delete the site from the history list, also you can right click on the element and choose 'Delete' option.

Keep in mind that the ‘Clear History’ option will lead you to the window I've described in the previous point.

Do you need to select several entries? Do it by holding Shift or Cmd and then press the Delete or Backspace button.

Clear Safari Cache and Cookies Files for Individual Websites on Mac OS

You can delete them by opening the Preferences window, selecting ‘Privacy’ and going to the ‘Details’ box. Find 'X ‘ Websites Stored Cookies and Other Data'. Select an individual site and click ‘Remove’. Or tap on the ‘Remove All’ button to clear everything. There is also a search field for you to find a certain website.

Before deleting cookies, remember that your autocompleted login details may vanish and your accounts will be logged out.


Let's Clear the Safari Cache Files from your Mac in a Few Clicks

There is a special hidden Safari ‘Developer menu’. It can help you with cleaning cache only but leave cookies and your browser history in place. It's a perfect option to make your browser work better without losing important data.

Open ‘Preferences’. Go to the ‘Advanced’ tab. Put a tick near the ‘Show Develop Menu’ line at the bottom of the Menu bar. After a new menu will appear, close Safari, select the ‘Empty Caches’ option. And then run a new Safari window without overloaded cache.


How to Remove your Autocomplete Data

Safari ‘AutoFill’ is located in ‘Preferences’. It autocompletes your info on websites and fills in your login details automatically. If some data it fills in has errors, you can easily fix it. Click ‘Edit’. Find ‘User Names and Passwords’, or choose the heading you need. Click the one you need, then choose ‘Edit’ in the dialog box and then select ‘Remove’.


How to Remove Website Logins in Safari Mac

Safari keeps all logins saved, even if you've entered them with a mistake. To fix this issue go to ‘Preferences’. –°lick the ‘Passwords’ option, and find the login you want to delete. Click ‘Remove’.

Moreover, you can also recreate your login, if you need it. Click the ‘Add’ button. Type the website URL, your username, and password. Use Tab for shifting these lines.


Remove Your Login Details from the Whole Mac OS

Your personal data may be pruned via ‘Keychain Access’. It can be found in ‘Finder' > 'Apps list' > 'Utilities’. But use this application very accurately, because changes in it may affect the whole macOS.

Anyway, if you remove your login details here, they disappear not from just Safari, but from all your Mac devices.

Type the name in the search line, find the data in ‘Web Form Password’, right-click it and then select ‘Delete’.