How To Create HDR on Mac. 5 Best Apps.

How To Create HDR on Mac. 5 Best Apps.

Perfect shots is what every photographer want to achieve. Enhancing RAW photos is the right way to get closer to what is called ‘a perfect shot’. The HDR software is created to allow artists to improve the captured beauty of everything around and share it with their audience. I have compared different HDR apps to show their strong sides. Every application has its own strengths and benefits.
These are my own impressions, you may also ask your friends or colleagues for recommendations. Alternatively, you may try every app in their demo periods, as editing is a personal process, so your impressions can differ from mine.

Still, I will try to answer the question: “What is the best HDR app for Mac?” and tell you how to create awesome HDR images on your Mac.

Some of them are for beginners, some-for experts, still, every app has its own benefits and makes masterpieces from ordinary photos.


1. Aurora HDR

This app is just perfect for me, it was designed specially for Mac. This software is somewhere between power and simplicity, it is ideally balanced. You will be glad to see a user-friendly interface with a great range of settings and presets which could be changed just in a couple of clicks. The touch of a single button will quickly create a different image.
I like this one due to its functions and affordability, as the price is okay for me.

The latest Aurora version has evolved and they removed such ‘side effects’ like a strong halo behind main objects. It works faster even with large 40+ Megapixel images. I also liked Crop and Heal tools, as they are one of the most frequently used while editing photos. That’s why I recommend choosing the latest version for purchasing.

create hdr mac image4

2. HDR Darkroom

This app works perfect on Mac and it is a perfect balance between a great interface and progressive functions. You can work with RAW files but there is no easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. Still, this is a professional software, that’s why it won’t be too difficult for an expert to learn how to work with this app.
There are tons of manual options for advanced users that allow photographers to create unique effects. The price for the app is not low but it completely worth the candle.

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3. HDR Projects 4

Continuing the topic of advanced HDR retouch, this app is one of the best. Moreover, it has a great range of presets that help you make small changes. You have an opportunity of editing presets and achieve even more impressive results while editing photos.
Taking into consideration everything mentioned above, I want to note that this app is not for beginners. However, if you are on the expert level, it will be your partner in creating unique personal and distinctive style of photos.

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4. EasyHDR

Unlike the previous app, this software is suitable for newbies’ needs, as it is easy-to-use and has many ready-made presets so you can edit your photos in a couple of clicks. At the same time, it opens all the opportunities and possibilities of an effective HDR software. The app’s interface is intuitive and it comes with a convenient Lightroom plugin. It also allows editing JPEG files. It has tools for removing objects or noise from photos.
However, this app may be not enough for the needs of professional photographers.

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5. Machinery HDR

Many artists use this app to reach hyperrealism in their shots. This program is easy-to-install and easy-to-use. Its interface allows doing any manipulations with images in one-two clicks. It offers presets for quick editing your images and guarantees that they won’t over-edited. This application is also affordable and convenient.

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And what would you choose?

Do you have some great app in mind to add to this list? Share your thoughts, please!