How to Type Degree Symbol on Mac OS X

How to Type Degree Symbol on Mac OS X

Let's see how to type degree symbol on Mac OS X. It means there are some easy correct ways that will highly raise the productivity of your work. I'll tell you about them in this article. A Degree Symbol (38˚ or 90°C) is a system setting in Mac OS X. It means there are some easy correct ways that will highly raise the productivity of your work. 

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Here is our guide on how you can easily type the symbol that marks degree on a Mac. We will tell about two ways of typing a degree symbol by working in Mac OS X. Just choose the appropriate one for you. Each function works in any Mac application such as Mail, Web browsers, chatting apps or Skype. Here they are:

How to Type Degree Symbol on Mac using Keyboard Shortcut

The first and the quickest way to type degree symbol on Mac is using a Degree Symbol Keyboard Shortcut. It is the fastest way that helps to type a typical degree symbol. Put the cursor exactly after the numeral, that you will mark with a symbol that defines degree. After that, press any of the next versions of keyboard shortcuts:

Option-K: it shows an angular and small degree symbol (i.e., 86˚);

Shift-8-Option: this one shows a bit larger degree symbol (i.e., 86°).

As you can see there are two types of degree symbols in Mac OS. A small one is accessible for characterizing angles, like 180˚. A larger one is used for describing temperature, like the weather. It looks like 23°C or 87.5°F.

At the same time, some people prefer just aesthetics and pay no attention to such little differences. Most likely, they see no difference at all. But now you can see it and this knowledge will be useful for you in the future.

Type Degree Symbol on your Mac with the Help of a Special Characters Menu

The second way of typing a Symbol of Degree on Mac OS X is a bit more complicated. It is not only a plain degree symbol but also gives you a choice whether to insert a Celsius or Fahrenheit (°C,°F). It is a slower way, but it offers a lot of new interesting and important symbols to choose from.

Put the cursor to the location where you want to see the degree symbol. Go to the ‘Menu Bar’: ‘Edit’ ‘Special Characters’. Alternatively, you can do it in another way: ‘Edit’ → ‘Emoji & Symbols’. In addition, you can press a keyboard ‘Control-Command-Space’.

Then, a small window with hundreds of different bright characters and symbols will open. But we are here for our degrees. Do not waste your time searching for it by hands. Save your energy. You need to type the word «degree» into the search box. Next, it will show you three types of degree symbols: Fahrenheit, Celsius or a plain degree symbol (as in a previous way). Choose the one you need in the context. Double-click that symbol and it will appear right at the location of your cursor. The second way, The Characters Menu, inserts only big degree symbol. You won’t find small ones here.

‘Emoji & Symbols’ is necessary for frequent using. After using this function once, you will always see a degree symbol beneath the search box. The function will work for your efficiency and save your time.

I hope this article had helped you and now you understand the answer to the question «How to type a Degree Symbol by using Mac OS X?». Remember that both Degree Symbol from a keyboard shortcut and Degree Symbol from the Menu ‘Special Characters’ methods are good. You can use the easiest for you according to the type of tasks and the text context.