How to Disable Vpn on Mac

How to Disable Vpn on Mac

In one of my previous articles, I described how to turn on a VPN connection on Mac OS. I hope it was useful and you are still enjoying your safe encrypted connection! Well, I know that after web-surfing, comes the time for turning a VPN off.
This article will teach you how to disconnect your VPN in OS X on Macs, and as a bonus, on iOS, in case you use mobile VPN.

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How to Disable VPN on Mac

This way is for those who use a built-in tool for safe connection, not a third-party software. You have just to visit your network settings and change the VPN status. So here is how to hide VPN on Mac:

  1. Click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner.
  2. Go to ‘System Preferences and Network’.
  3. Select VPN in the left side of the window with your networks.
  4. Click ‘Disconnect’.

I also want to add that keeping your VPN running all the time is a good idea when being online, as it makes your connection safe. This rule is critical when using public Wi-Fi networks. Another layer of security will not be in vain. Though, you can browse the Internet without any encryptions at home.

disable vpn mac image1

How to Disconnect VPN on Mac Using Third-Party Apps

In case you use an external app, do the following:

  1. Go to the VPN app -- you can find it on the Desktop or in your Dock.
  2. Click ‘Disconnect’.

Keep in mind that most app use this word (=Disconnect), however, don’t be surprised if you see ‘Hide’ or ‘Turn off’.

I am using KeepSolid VPN ad the moment and this is how it looks like. By the way, I would recommend you this app for sure, as it is safe, fast and convenient. I was really impressed by the quality and the speed of my VPN connection.

So, when the app is connected to the server, you see an icon in the status bar and the toggled flag inside the app:

disable vpn-mac image2
Toturn it off, just move the toggle left.


How to Disable VPN Configurations on Mac

This may be needed if your VPN is functioning erratically or doesn’t connect at all. You can disable the configurations and set them up once again. Do the following:

  1. Go to the Apple menu and head to System Preferences.
  2. Visit Network control panel.
  3. Click the Show menu and select ‘Network port configurations’.
  4. Delete VPN and proceed with ‘Apply now’.

This will delete any VPN or proxy connections from your Mac. Reboot your Mac and the router, another way the settings won’t be deleted. After restarting your machine, you can set up a new VPN connection, here is my how-to article about this.


How to turn off VPN on iOS

As I promised, this article is about not only how to hide VPN on Mac but on iOS as well. On your iPhone or iPad, everything is even easier than on Mac. Usually, people use third-party apps to safely browse the web from their iOS devices. So, to turn the VPN connection off:

  1. Find Settings on the main screen and go to the app.
  2. Find VPN. If you use various VPN clients, select the active one.
  3. Toggle its flag to ‘Off’.