Let’s Edit Photos on iPhones and iPads!​

Let’s Edit Photos on iPhones and iPads!​

How much iphone photo editors do you know? I bet it's hard to choose the best photo editing app for iphone, while there are so many applications in the Apple store. And as a rule, each of them can cope just with a couple of tasks. In this article, I'm going to tell you about the best photo editing apps for iphone that are able to make your photos amazing just in a few minutes. You'll find any apps from one-touch filter programs to advanced professional ones.

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1. Snapseed

This photo editor can be used for multiple purposes. It allows to enhance photos and make corrections to them: color and sharpening, exposure, cropping, straightening, rotating, correcting perspective. You'll also find selective adjustments, healing tool, brushes, filters, vignette, HDR, text, frames, black and white. You can edit not only JPEG files, but also RAWs, what makes this app very useful for those who work with RAW formats.

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This iPhone application is reasonably popular, because of it's easy and intuitive interface and a set of powerful tools for editing pictures.

This one is great for performing basic editing options such as sharpening, cropping, fixing exposure and color, and straightening. As for advanced techniques, it can work with selective adjustments, and a healing brush for removing unnecessary objects.

If you want to apply some creative filters to your photo, this app will deal with that. Black & white, blur, textures and other filters are available here.

Snapseed is free in the App Store and it's nearly the best best iPhone photo editor for those who just start working with the iPhone photography.



This application is one of the best photo editing app for iPad and iPhone that offers users pretty filter presets and various adjustment tools. You'll find one-tap presets with an opportunity of adjusting filter strength, downloadable presets and filters, exposure and color adjustments, a photo sharing feature and many other interesting things.

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The VSCO app (by the way, it is pronounces as 'visco') is popular among iPhone and iPad users. User-friendly interface, a great tools collection, a set of nice-looking filters make it standing ophoto apps for iphoneut from the list of competitors.

Its presets and filters are created to emulate analog films. So, you pictures can look softly and slightly faded. They are similar to Instagram in some way.

Moreover, you can adjust the filter's strength that gives you more opportunities for images editing.

You can find this program free in the App Store in its basic version. If you want to get more filters, download or purchase them, there is a plenty of options.


3. Filterstorm Neue

This photo app for iPhone is more powerful and advanced than the previous two. If offers us advanced tools (levels, curves, channel mixer and tone map), masking tools, the clone tool, adjustable filters, and different adjustments such as sharpening, clarity, reducing noise and watermarking.

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It works similar to Photoshop or Lightroom, but has a mobile format. Its interface is intuitive and user-friendly, so there won't be any problems in finding necessary options.

Additionally to color and exposure adjustment tools the app has a nice Curves tool for tuning picture's brightness & contrast.

A masking brush and gradient filters are tools for those who can apply the adjustments selectively.

This app is perfect for iPhone users who want to get more than just a basic set of functions. It costs nearly 4 bucks on the Store.


4. Enlight

This is an all-in-one editor with a set of artistic creative tools. With this one, you can tale control over color, exposure and photo's details. If offers a set of ready-made filters (black&white, sketch, painterly), gradients, vignettes and light peaks. Those who want to make selective adjustments can use a built-in masking feature and a clone tool. iPhone and iPad users can also correct perspective, crop, straighten and rotate pics, as well as use drawing tools and intelligent correction.

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​This application is a great collection of editing tools and artistic filters for creating fascinating and bright pictures. For example, the masking tool helps to apply effects to some image parts, while leaving the rest photo space unchanged.

​It may take some time to find out how all the features work, but it is quite intuitive, so you'll feel like a pro in a day or two of using Enlight. Even more, there is a useful Help section that will be a nice helper in understanding how it works.

So, this app is suitable for all Apple users who want create a masterpiece or just to make some simple edits to a photo.

It costs around 4 dollars on the App Store.


5. Mextures

Here you'll find creative edits such as textures, light leaks, blend effects, gradients and grains, as well as ​adjustment presets and tools. You can also import, save and share 'formulas'.

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Experimenting with creative effects and textures on your iPhone or iPad is about this application. This one is popular and well-known by many mobile artists. The opportunity of adjusting and combining different filters makes Mextures comfortable to work with. Layering feature is easy-to-use.

While it may take some time to learn how manual adjustments work, you can start with a great number of special 'formulas'. Voila! And you get an edited nice-looking image! These opportunities are nearly endless in this app, that's why it can be called one of the best for sure.

The price for it can be another good news, it's about 2 dollars for the app.


6. TouchRetouch

If we are talking about retouching photos, this one is the first app that comes to mind. It can help with removing blemishes and unwanted objects with the lasso or brush instruments by replacing these selection automatically. So, all the objects as unknown people, dust spots or wires can be removed from the background it a couple of screen taps! Wrinkles and blemishes can be removed from faces as well, so if you're interested in portraits, TouchRetouch is a perfect choice.

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Surely, there is a plenty of applications that offer a chance of removing objects from photos and the retouch of photos, but this one is designed especially for this purpose and is the most effective and easy.

Highlight elements and their parts with your finger. The program will remove and replace that area automatically by matching it with the surrounding background.

Of course, it may take some efforts to replace complicated and big elements, but the easy-to-understand interface helps to do it in five minutes.

You can get it for 2 dollars in the App Store.



If you need to correct perspective and deal with the lens distortion, use this app which is one of the best iPad and iPhone photo editor. It can fix horizontal and vertical distortions, deal with wide-angle and other lens distortion, straighten lines on architecture shots, crop and rotate pictures.

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If you have a wide-angle lens on your iPhone, you should know how such distortions look like. The images look a bit stretched, right? This is a common issue and it's nothing wrong with it, but if you need, you can adjust this fact with SKRWT. Correcting lines seems to be easy and intuitive in this application.

Of course, apps like Enlight and Snapseed can deal with such problems too, but SKRWT is created solely for such purposes, and it is the best option.

It costs not much, just around 2 bucks on the App Store.


8. After Focus

As you've already understood, this one works with focusing and blurring. It allows to achieve the DSLR-like depth. You need to select the focus area with the finger and the app will blur the background automatically. The amount of blur can be fully controlled, and there are several aperture styles to choose from, including the 'motion blur' effect. At the end, you can enhance the image by using built-in filters.

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This application is developed for creating the shallow depth effect that is usually can be created with a close-up or DSLR photography.

So, your main subject will be in focus, and the background will be blurred. Doing this is easy with AfterFocus, as its interface is easy-to-use.

Mark the foreground areas with your finger, and the app will blur the background by itself. It can also create a special nice-looking bokeh effect, then the lights on the background will be shaped as soft hexagons or circles. The motion blur filter is a fantastic instrument that helps to create the movement appearance.

Such effects help to draw attention to the main object on the photo.

The cost for this application is extremely low, you can buy it for just one dollar.


9. Lens distortions

Sun flares, fog and fascinating light effects are what can make your photo brighter. The app can make realistic effects, great looking overlays with adjusting their opacity, brightness and contrast, and more. The main thing is that you can use all that overlays on one image.

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Of course, we can name several nice apps for making lighting effects on iPhones and iPads, but Lens Distortions is the best one in this area.

The fact that all the effects in the app are made from real photos makes it standing out from competitors. Light Hits collection, Fog collection, Legacy and Shimmer collection are perfect helpers in creating a special atmosphere on your photos.

Adding such effects is intuitive and easy, you can have great fun while playing with adding elements to your pictures.

Create atmospheric depth, draw the viewer's attention to separate elements with light hits, frame your images with shards of glass.

The version with the basic effects collection can be got for free on the App Store. Others can be purchased, but believe me, they are worth it!


10. Superimpose

This photo editor for iPad and iPhone allows combining and blending several images into one composite photo. It gives Apple users an opportunity to create images with the double exposure, replace parts of image with ones from a different photo, blend textures, mask out unnecessary parts of a picture, and use a 'Refine hair' masking tool.

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It is one of the best iPhone programs for compositing images into a single one.

It may take some time to learn how layers work, if you haven't got such experience earlier. But it is easy and can be done in a half an hour!

Superimpose allows using a great range of effects from removing some objects from the background to creating unique images and double-exposure pictures. The only limit is your imagination.

It costs 2 dollars on the Store.



So, it is no matter if you are a beginner in editing photos on your iPhone and iPad, or an expert who is looking for some new powerful applications. I hope that this article was helpful for both categories and gave you some inspiration for the further experimenting with photos in the photo editing apps for iPhone and photo apps for iPad.

Learning the full potential of editing apps and choosing the most handy ones is the key to successful photo enhancement.

Anyway, be careful with effects and always keep in mind that too many of them can harm your photo instead of improving it.

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