Fantastical 2 on Mac Review: Plan Right

Fantastical 2 on Mac Review: Plan Right

The way we all plan our day is completely different depending on how much we have to do, on the workload at work and at home. But no matter how we plan for the near future, the week, the month, or the year, it is physically impossible to remember everything.

In order to streamline and properly allocate all your affairs, there are many accessories, such as notebooks, planners, sticker notes. But they can take too much space, create inconveniences, especially now, in the age of mobile devices, high-speed Internet and rapidly developing information technologies.

To facilitate your planning process, we want to tell you about Fantastical 2.

Using Fantastical 2 Daily

Let's take a closer look at this application, download a trial version and learn about its basic features. Here is the link:

You might ask yourself, Why do I need this?” Let us tell you!

To start with, using Fantastical 2 is very simple.

Fantastical 2 on Mac Review Plan Right image1In fact, Fantastical 2 is a very handy calendar with a great range of additional features. It gives you the view of the current month with objectives and plans for each day of the week.

It’s convenient to use because you can change what the calendar displays: a specific day, week, month, or year, depending on what you need. In any case, you will be able to see all of your plans for a certain period of time.

How do you use this application on a daily basis? First, select the day of the week in which you need to make a note or a reminder. Double-click on that day in the calendar and you will see a pop-up window in the upper left corner.

Fantastical 2 on Mac Review Plan Right image3Here you can choose the start and end time of the event, its detailed description and, if need be, create a reminder. You can also assign a Calendar category to your event to filter your events by categories. We will tell you how to do it later.

In the same window, check the duration of the meeting or set aside some time for a given task, it could be a day or a time interval of a few minutes, whatever you specify. To do this, uncheck the box marked "all-day" and then select the desired time.

It will look like this.

Fantastical 2 on Mac Review Plan Right image2Earlier we talked about how we can filter our events by groups. You can do it by going up or down in the field that says "calendar" where you will see more of the groups that you created.

Fantastical 2 can also be connected to Google or Yahoo accounts.

Fantastical 2 on Mac Review Plan Right image5You can do other things, for example, in the Alert tab choose how often reminders go off, invite participants, copy a link or just add an event description. When you have filled in all the fields, click Add event and it will be added to the general calendar.

To quickly record an event or a reminder you can start writing “Tomorrow” in the field in the upper left corner, without selecting a day on the calendar, and the application will automatically set the event for the next day or the date that you specify. You can do the same thing with the time. The Autofill feature is very handy.

You can also set the location of your meetings with friends or colleagues in the Add Location field.

Another helpful feature is that after opening the app, you see a list of all your plans for today and the next couple of days. If you hover the cursor over an event, you can see all the data pertaining to it—the time, duration, and location of the meeting, etc.

You can also see the All Calendars and My Calendar Set tabs. As you have probably guessed, this separation is made to be able to follow your calendar of events as well as the regular calendar where you can see the past and the upcoming US holidays.

The tab below is Manage Calendars. It shows how you can customize the application for your exclusive needs. This is where you can connect Fantastical 2 to your cloud, synchronize it with your iPhone, set the general settings from font size to geolocation.

In the upper right corner there is a search box. If you forgot the day of an appointment or a friend's birthday, you type in the first letters, and Fantastical 2 will start showing you a list of options. It significantly simplifies your work and saves time.

Now let's take a look at using the application as a small pop-up window. All the features are identical. During the installation, on top of the panel there is a footnote that provides quick access to your calendar. It looks like this.

Fantastical 2 on Mac Review Plan Right image4
This mini-window does not take up much space on your desktop and allows you to place it in any convenient location on the screen by simply dragging it with the cursor.

It’s good to know that Fantastical 2 does not let you miss an important event, a meeting or a friend's birthday, because you can choose the frequency of reminders and a pop-up window will keep appearing in the upper right corner of the desktop to remind you of the upcoming event.

Another advantage of the application is that it can be synchronized with all your gadgets and enjoyed at any time.

The downside is that it is not free and quite pricey. But the trial period is 21 days. Fantastical 2 is so handy that after the trial period is over, you will not be able to help buying it.

Fantastical 2 will help you with timely planning of your affairs, with efficient use and distribution of your time, with analyzing all your completed tasks and organizing your work more efficiently.