Gemini 2 Review: Great Way to Remove Duplicate Files on Mac

Gemini 2 Review: Great Way to Remove Duplicate Files on Mac

Hey, everyone. For those of you who have not heard about Gemini 2 app, this application can detect duplicate files that take up megabytes and gigabytes of memory and clutter your Mac. It can also help to quickly remove them and free up valuable disk space. Gemini 2 is useful for photographers, video makers, bloggers, and regular users to help maintain order on your Mac. The application is a must have for both photography enthusiasts as well as for pros, because, as you know, a large number of copies can build up when processing photos.


Whats New on Gemini 2?

For those of you who are in the know, it is not news that the application can detect all the duplicate files you've ever accidentally or deliberately created. Whether it is a copy of an image downloaded from the Internet, or a favorite song, or a duplicate of an application that you have downloaded a few times, or something else. The main difference in the new Gemini 2 is that the application can do so much more than just detect copies of files! Now Gemini 2 can easily find even the files that are just similar! This applies to images, applications, and all that is stored on your Mac. It often happens that when selecting a filter for a photo, you save multiple copies of it, then choose one, and the others are sentenced to useless existence. Moreover, these unnecessary files build up over time, take up space and clutter your Mac. We cannot but notice the interface! It became more reserved, uncluttered, and balanced. Let's take a closer look at the updated Gemini 2 and see what it can do.


Using the New Gemini 2 on Mac

At first glance, the interface is not different from the original version, but keep looking and you will see for yourself.

gemini 2 review mac

To get started, you should click "+" to choose some folder to scan and then click "Scan for Duplicates" green button on the right. The application prompts us to choose a preset folders to scan "Home Folder", "Music Folder", "Pictures Folder" or you can choose custom folder to scan. In my case, I select "Home Folder" and clicked Choose button.

gemini 2 ready to startNext, Gemini 2 prompts us to start scanning the selected folder. I would like to mention that just as before, we can select multiple folders to scan, but, if we choose the wrong folder, we can immediately remove it from the selection. In the first version of Gemini, you had to do the selecting all over again. To remove the files you don't need, simply hover the cursor over the folder and click on the cross located in the top left corner of the selected folder.

Once you are done selecting, press the green "Scan for Duplicates" button (notice that the application itself gives you this tip; in the earlier version of Gemini, we could only trust our intuition. As you probably noticed, the helpful tips are great for beginners). Now let's begin scanning. As you can see, if necessary, it can be stopped by clicking Stop button. Scan process can take some time, for me it took 16 minutes, I think that it depends on your storage size.

gemini mac estimation After the application processes the data, well see a color coded bar that displays the amount of disk space occupied by folders with images, applications, etc. You will see this information if you hover the cursor over the particular color section of interest.

gemini scan in progress What else is new here, you might ask. If you take a look at the right side of the interface, you will notice that Gemini 2 tells us how many and what kinds of files should be removed after scanning.

gemini scan complete Gemini 2 right away offers us two options to delete the found duplicates: - Manually (Review Results) - Automatically (Smart Cleanup) Smart Cleanup Options were not available in the previous version of Gemini.


Removing Duplicate Files with Review Results

Let's continue reviewing the new improved features. First, let's take a look at the manual method of removing duplicates. Do it by clicking Review Results. The application opens the interface with three conditional fields:

  1. In the first field, we see all the scanned and processed folders that are divided by the kinds of duplicate files (Exact Duplicates):- All Duplicates - Applications - Archives - Folders - Images - Other and those that store similar files (Similar Files): - All Similars - Images
  2. In the center field, you can see all the files and folders that have a duplicate, as well as the number of twins (numbers on the right of the file name).
  3. In the right field, we can see just the file you selected.

gemini folders done We can still sort files by Size, Name, Count and Selected Count and select the viewing style: grid or list. We can also see the total size of the data to be deleted. Gemini 2 gives us the option not to select files manually. Copies are automatically marked for deletion, and to remove them, we just need to click Remove. This feature was not available in the first version of Gemini. Once you have clicked Remove, the removal process begins.

Then we can see how much disk space has been freed.

Clean up completeGemini 2, like its predecessor, offers to once again see the list of remote duplicates with the possibility to recover all or some. This can be done by clicking Put Back (if it is a single file) or Put All Back (and the app will restore all of them).

That's the way we can free our Mac from duplicates and make sure that we have free disk space.


Removing Duplicates with the New Smart Cleanup feature

Let's take a look at the new Smart Cleanup feature and how it works. I think it's obvious that after we have decided what folders to scan, we select Smart Cleanup. In this case, Gemini 2 will not prompt you to select a particular folder or file to delete or give you a full list of the duplicates discovered. Gemini 2 automatically scans the selected data and provides you with information on what files need to be deleted, similar to the one that appears in the manual mode.

You will also be able to leave some or remove all duplicates, but you will not need to spend extra time on it because Gemini 2 will do it for you.


Revolutionary Innovation from Gemini 2

Working with similar documents People who are familiar with Gemini must have been interested from the beginning of the article about the command Similar Files that appears after scanning. Yes! You got it right, Gemini 2 can recognize similar files. You can see them by simply clicking All Similars.

After Gemini 2 displays the whole list, we will be able to view each similar file. Here we can also see the folder where a similar document is stored by clicking on the image of a flag; the date and time of creation“ by clicking on the calendar; the size the amount of disk space on the scale bar.

mac gemini resultsIf desired, you can remove similar files. Do this by simply checking a box next to the file you want to be removed. In the upper right corner, you will see the number of selected and detected files.

mac gemini results simularThen click Remove, and the application removes the clutter or simply helps you find a similar file for later reference.


Playing with Gemini 2

In this version, the MacPaw developers added a motivation system to make users the day. In the upper right corner of the interface, you can see a star; click on it and you will see Your Rank Apprentice.

gemini 2 achivments

With this feature, we have the opportunity to use other applications from MacPaw. After each scan, a user gets more points added as a percentage. You can also receive an opportunity to get the key to other applications from the app developer. For example, you can become the owner of one of the applications from the developers by simply placing a link to the information about the application on your FaceBook or Twitter page. That's how you can receive free access to using applications that are very helpful or even vital for the functioning of your Mac. For example, Hider 2, CleanMyDrive 2, Encrypto.

Every egg has a number on it, it adds points to the user after he or she completes an assignment.

What happens after you collect 100%?! Well keep the suspense and let you find out for yourself!!! What can be said in conclusion? Gemini 2 has exceeded all expectations and been more than a pleasant surprise. New features and motivation only add fuel to the fire and promote learning about other equally useful applications from MacPaw.