Let's Improve iPhone Battery Life!

Let's Improve iPhone Battery Life!

Many of us are already running iOS 11 on our Apple devices. I can confess that there are actually lots of fascinating useful features, but many iPhone and iPad users are a bit disappointed with a shorter battery life. Statistics says that the new iOS eats the whole battery in 96 minutes while iOS 10 needed 240 minutes to do the same.

You may be horrified by more than 50% reducing of the battery life! Still, there are also several things that need to be kept in mind, if you want to improve your phone’s life.

Now, I want to tell you all the possible ways to improve the situation with iOS 11 and batteries. Let’s start!


1. Know the usage of your battery

Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Battery’ to learn the details on the battery usage. The default parameter is ‘Last 24 hours’. The window will show you what applications ‘eat’ your battery resources the most. If you want to get a detailed report about screen and background time for each application, tap a clock icon at the right.

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Look at some suggestions about battery life. These are actionable quick ways of reducing battery drain. Now you phone will use its resources more efficiently, after the necessary settings are adjusted.


2. A low Power mode

This mode is not a new feature in iOS 11, but it can help to stretch the life of your battery, if it’s needed. This option works with auto downloads, background refreshing of applications, mail fetch, and so on. It is really handy, but it’s not an everyday feature (I hope so).

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Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Battery’ to turn on this special mode. However, if you are going to use it frequently, set a quick access to this feature. Add it to the Control Center of your iOS 11. You can find it in ‘Settings’ > ‘Control menter’ > ‘Customize controls’. Tap the ‘plus’ icon that is situated next to the ‘Low power mode’ option.


3. Adjust the screen brightness and Auto-lock.

If ‘Home & Lock screen’ use your battery greatly, check this setting. Change it to 30 seconds, this will surely prevent quick battery draining.

The most iPhones support raise to wake, and 30 sec are usually quite worth it.

Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Display & Brightness’ > ‘Auto-lock’.

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If you don’t mind lowering the brightness of your screen and it’s comfortable for you, lower it.


4. Refresh background applications

The Low power mode turns such apps refresh, but you can customize it to improve the battery life. Visit ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > ‘Background app refresh’.

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You can also turn on the option of refreshing apps only with the Wi-Fi on, or Wi-Fi plus Cellular, or you can turn both of them off. Anyway, most Apple users usually leave both options on while customizing this point.


5. Location services

Customizing this setting is one more way to make your Apple device more efficient and long living. Do it in ‘Settings’ > ‘Privacy’ > ‘Location Services’ to update your apps privileges.

Search for all applications that ask to use your location ‘always’, and switch it to While using or to ‘Never’.

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6. Push & Fetch

Looking at this option is worth it either. Find it in ‘Settings’ > ‘Accounts and Passwords’ > ‘Fetch new data’. Leave your main account as push to receive mail as soon as possible, turn other accounts for fetching every hour of every half an hour.

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After customizing all these easy settings, you should notice that your battery’s life has greatly improved. This way, the new iOS 11 will surely bring you more positive emotions now.

Moreover, you can always get a power bank or a battery case with you to prevent your iPhone or iPad from turning off. Just keep one in your backpack or car, as it can be a great helper and even a lifesaver in some unexpected situations.

I hope my article was useful and your iPhone won’t lose all energy in just 96 minutes, as it was said in the statistics at the very beginning of the article. Please share these tips with your friends who use iOS 11! ;)