How to Install an App From an Unknown Developer on Mac OS Sierra

How to Install an App From an Unknown Developer on Mac OS Sierra

Hey, guys! It's not a large post as usual, but I hope that it will be helpful for you as all mo other post. Let's start!

MacOS Sierra has some default restrictions regarding applications that users may install on it. The good news is that we can deal with these limitations.

“Unsigned” applications mean that people who made them didn’t go through all steps of registration in the Apple’s developer program. We can understand these developers as a certificate would cost them money.

So, when someone creates an application and “signs” it by an Apple's certificate, it means that this is a checked app which hasn’t been changed from the release to the moment when a customer installed it on his Mac. It guarantees that no malware will be in this software. Developer and the program is known by Apple and if they will notice some suspicious activity by him, they will just revoke the certificate.

Not every unsigned application is malicious and dangerous for your Mac. We know lots of apps that are unsigned because developers don’t want to participate in a long procedure. But some of them really include malware or repacked with malware inside, so be careful when downloading unknown apps from the Internet.

Anyway, you can install whatever you want in Sierra, as Apple remover one feature in “Security & Privacy” to let you an opportunity to use applications not from the MAS only.

Find and download the app, then install it. Find the program in the Finder, right-click on it, and open the software. Sierra will show you a warning, but click “Open” anyway to continue. Your system will remember your choice and won’t show this warning again the next time. Enjoy!