Tips on Using iTunes Backup for Restoring iPad Info

Tips on Using iTunes Backup for Restoring iPad Info

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If you have bought a newer iPad and need to get back all your info, or you need to bring it back for some other reason, restore it with iTunes backup. It seems to be one of the easiest ways of doing that.

Aren’t you sure if you have such a backup or not? Follow along and I will tell how it’s done. As an alternative, you may use the iCloud backup feature, but it will be another theme to discuss.

Bear in mind that if you have some new info on your old iPad, better create a new backup in order not to lose anything.

In case you can’t create a new backup (if you don’t have your previous device with you). Do it manually via a Mac, a PC or an external drive. So, you can restore the info from your backup and add any other info that wasn’t included there later.


A Step-by-Step Manual on Restoring iPad with iTunes Backup:

  1. Connect your iPad to a Mac or PC (wait until iTunes launches automatically or launch it, if it doesn’t).
  2. Tap on the iPad icon on the left as it shown below.
  3. Choose ‘Restore backup’. Maybe you’ll have to turn off ‘Find my iPad’ before restoring.
  4. Select a necessary backup from the list appeared.
  5. Choose ‘Restore’.


And Here is a Detailed Instruction with Illustrations.

I’ll try to make the restoring process easier for you:

Once you’ve plugged in the iPad and your iTunes have opened, tap on the icon of iPad on the top left. If the iPad summary launches automatically, ok, proceed further.

itunes backup ipad image5
Tap on ‘Restore backup’.

itunes backup ipad image4
See timestamps below ‘Restore backup’ when the backups were created.

Maybe, you’ll have to turn off the ‘Find my iPad’ option before proceeding. Go to ‘Settings’ > choose your name at the top > ‘iCloud’ > ‘Find my iPad’.

itunes backup ipad image3
Ensure that you’ve selected the right backup file, if you have different backups for various devices.

itunes backup ipad image2
Eject the iPad after the whole restoring process has ended. Click an icon in the top iTunes area like it is shown on the picture.

itunes backup ipad image1
That’s all! The info is restored and you can continue using your new devices as usually and feel comfortable with your files on it.

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