MacOS High Sierra: New Options

MacOS High Sierra: New Options

What haven’t you known yet about the macOS High Sierra? It looks like Apple have created new features for the High Sierra, plugging into both authenticity with possibilities for a better usability. In spite of the fact that there are no total upgrades, all these advanced options could possibly be needed to provide a new and solid execution. It likewise makes ready for Virtual (VR) and Augmented realities (AR) in the next improvements.


Discover the updated macOS High Sierra 10.13

As a matter of fact, using the new macOS High Sierra 10.13 is an exciting experience. It will turn your imagination about the way you are used to act with your Mac upside down, because of its persuading new technologies!

The most valuable options in macOS High Sierra:

  • Using machine learning based on Intelligent Tracking Warning to block advertising in Safari.
  • Advanced tools for many Photos applications.
  • Videos have a higher quality while taking less memory space.
  • An optimized display supported with VR pipeline.
  • Graphics processing unit turn priority order in Metal 2.
  • A more human-like Siri with an interest to the DJ process. :)
  • A better and more easy to use E-mail search instrument.
  • An advanced Notes application with a plenty of editing features.

Are you already eager to try it? Here are even more details for you. We are sure you won’t keep calm until you try all them.

The Safari browser increases its speed limits

Among the best improvements in High Sierra 10.13 is a more brilliant Safari, which functionates as the quickest one here. A refreshed web program is by 80% quicker than the Chrome Browser.

Safari was likewise given Intelligent Tracking Prevention to better the secure history information and client browsing. It also stops undesirable and annoying videos from auto-playing. Moreover, customization by all accounts is the main point for a renewed Safari program. So, it considers particular site personalization and advertisement blocking or empowering as the client's choice.

Totally new document system with great prospects!

As far as they declared File System for Apple last year, it is supposed to be not a surprising fact to see the default file system implemented in Mac. It performs casual assignments by utilizing the 64-bit engineering and responsive design.

Anyway, despite the fact that the instant file directory cloning and a faster file copying process are exciting news, more breathtaking (and mind-blowing) ones are the updated highlights. They allow to make the security stronger by crash protections, built-in encryption and more simple data backup.

Videos of better quality

To start with, High Sierra refreshed its video by implementing High Efficiency Coding of videos and adapting them to the commercial standards. Clients will be pleased by a better quality of recordings and more free space, as far videos will be not so ‘heavy’ (the advanced codec makes their weight by 40% less). That implies it's currently conceivable to protect 4K, 5K HDR and HD recordings at their original quality without jumbling your Mac.

Smart photos on macOS with a lot of options

People turned out to be very dependent on photographs and, of course, Apple is also aware of it. So, there are significant updates in this category.  We all need updated apps for editing, saving, organizing the Photos applications. Using MacOS High Sierra, you discover new categories of Memories (birthdays, pets, babies, weddings, sport events etc.) that make arranging photos easier because of quick photo slideshows based on occasions. You can also use such option as filtering photos by a keyword, date, media-type etc. to find the one you are searching for easily.

Clients will have a chance to enjoy an extended sidebar view that shows imports in sequential request for less demanding face tagging and access synchronized over all gadgets.

One more interesting option is editing Live photos by muting, trimming, selecting a key photo, adding loop-effect (like GIF), long exposure (like blur-effect) etc.

A new Metal

Considering the most innovative improvements, we can see Metal 2. Created for the nowadays needs, it’s a next generation tool that brings applications and games with splendid new graphics for true gamers! Everything looks more real, because of an updated API and the machine learning procedure for applications as well as an external GPU and more reliable graphics.

In accordance with Apple, Metal 2 is "extremely fast" with 10x much better draw call throughput with the use of indirect buffers, driver optimizations, SIMD group data exchange, sampler arrays, uniform variables and resource heaps. In addition, it surely supports AR and VR content creations, which is one more plus for gamers.

A more emotional Siri

Working in High Sierra can be difficult sometimes, so you may need help. Welcome to the Siri updates! It has been also changed. Now, her voice is more natural, she can transform intonations and expressions. Siri is smart enough to remember user`s music preferences and can serve you as a DJ by offering you the compositions that are alike to those you already have in your playlist. Siri can be also a kind of a music expert and answer questions about albums, artists and songs like "What is the song name?" or "What singer is this?" when something is playing.

Not the end of the macOS High Sierra evolution

We've talked about the noticeable huge changes, but there are also some more updates. They are not obvious for average users and there is no need to explain them in details. Fundamentally, you will see some upgrades on the desktop, the E-Mail application will be dealing with the ‘Spotlight Search’ option and the opportunity of sorting the inbox messages. The application for notes will simplify your life by pinning the most important notes to the desktop and giving you the quick access to lists. During the calls in FaceTime you will be allowed to shoot Live Photos and also have an opportunity to keep them in memory forever.

The Beta version interface

Stop waiting and start testing the macOS High immediately! I hope you will come across lots of fine-tunings that will excite you and meet all your needs. There are lots of great features, so don’t hesitate anymore and start trying them now!

As far as we have the access to High Sierra 10.13 Beta from June, we should test it carefully in order to find possible bugs and inconveniences. Now you get it, the upgrades that means a lot in the advanced macOS High Sierra.

Also, try CleanMyMac X with High Sierra Beta. With this great application, your Mac will become fast, clean and efficient to the limit!

One more good news is that we will know the High Sierra release date this fall already. This autumn, we are waiting for the accomplished and final macOS High Sierra version that will be presented as a free update for the perfect Mac.

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