Great Photo Editors for Mac​ That Are Worth Your Attention

Great Photo Editors for Mac​ That Are Worth Your Attention

​Hello, my dear Mac users!

I've gathered ​the best (and most of them are free) photo editors that will help to make your photos amazing. As you know, Photoshop is a great and well-known tool for this purpose, but it's rather expensive and in fact, it's not the only variant. Today, I'll tell you about alternatives that work the same well.

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What are photo editors needed for?

Digital photography has boosted quickly. Not so long ago, everybody used traditional cameras, but now we can take amazing pics with our smartphones. They will have high resolution, bright colors and the emotions you get by looking at them are just wonderful.

Still, there is always something to improve, whether it is removing red eyes or cropping excess details. Photo editors may help in such cases.

Let's begin with free editors, even built-in tools from macOS!

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1. Preview & Photos

​The point is that people often underestimate free photo editors and viewers, though they are as powerful as any other Apple's software.

Moreover, you already have that apps, so it will be easy to test them. Preview is not an average photo viewer, it can help in editing pictures too! Tap on 'Markup' and see the list of tools. Under the 'Tools' menu you will see different options for adjusting sizes and colors. This app can also import your pics in various formats.

​The 'Photos' application can be helpful and handy as well. Try automatic enhancement that can find the best settings for your picture, removing the red-eye effect or blemishes. Experiment with different filters and change color parameters. Even more, this app can crop and rotate pictures too.

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GIMP stands for 'The GNU image manipulation program. It is a pre-installed app in macOS. It is a free and effective software. Let's look at its workflow.

It looks alike to Photoshop and you'll recognize that if you've already worked with the Adobe product. Similar to its 'elder brother' GIMP has a set of tools, options and filters for advanced editing. And the best news for it is that you won't need to pay a penny for it.

This application is suitable for everyones' needs, whether you are a photographer, illustrator, or just want to make your selfies look amazing. This app can cope with all tasks from fixing a distortion to working with selective colors.

Nevertheless, don't expect to become a professional in a few seconds, as every editor, it needs learning and understanding. Anyway, this app is worth your time and efforts, and you'll get all the benefits, if take some time for finding out how it works.

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3. Pixlr

Though this app is not downloadable anymore, you can use its comfortable web version that works the same well. It is a free fully-featured editor that can be opened by any browser. It supports working with layers, brushes, healing brushes, etc.

The developer of Pixlr announced that there won't be an app a year ago. Thanks to them, we can still use a web editor. I can't say it's worse than a full app. You may get used to it and it becomes a brilliant tool for making your shots perfect.

Layer based composition of Pixlr gives you a chance to add and edit different parts of one image and then putting everything together. Let's pretend that you may have picture on one layer, and some text on another. Comfortable, isn't it?

A nice selection of drawing and editing tools, filters, colors options and the layer structure may be familiar to Photoshop users.

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4. Fotor

Free filters and enhancing options is what you're looking for? Then Fotor will be a good helper. This application offers you to work with free editing opportunities, still, you have to buy the best ones.

Anyway, you can use both web and downloadable for Mac versions. I recommend using the web version in Chrome, as Safari may have issues with it, and it will even warn you about them.

The tools of Fotor will help you to enhance color levels, rotation, brightness and contrast, change size or add vignettes. It can even slim people and remove wrinkles!

Such features as blush, smoothing, reshape and the majority of the Fotor filters are available only for paid subscription.

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5. Google photos

Simple editing is what you'll find in this point. You won't find any complex tools or layers here. It was designed for easy speedy fixes.

​As Google does in 99% of situations, their Photos app is web-based. You can find uploader apps for iOS and macOS that will help you to add photos to your library. Other things happen in the Internet.​

​Google Photos gives you an unlimited storage for pics with up to 16 megapixels resolution. Google Drive will be needed for working with images of higher quality.​

​As for photos editing, it seems a bit similar to Mac's Photos application. Adjusting lighting, choosing photo filters, changing colors and rotation is what you will get. It won't offer you some complicated retouching opportunities, but it's enough for filtering and color adjusting. Quickly and simply!​


6. Luminar

This great app has two versions: demo and a full version for professionals. Demo is free, and a pro one required one-time payment that will give you a lifetime license. Both of them are downloadable for Mac.

The interface of Luminar is intuitive, so editing photos like a pro photographer won't be difficult. I want to note their one-click filters that can make a picture amazing with no efforts at all. They say, that it's possible thanks to artificial intelligence that helps in the automatic photos enhancement. Accent filter is my favorite one. :) It always saves me time, as I don't do anything, no messing with dozens of different sliders or settings. Moreover, there is a possibility of creating your own presets.

As for pre-installed filters (and there are more than 40 of them), they have non-destructive nature, and you will be able to rearrange every filter, change something, if you need, or apply a filter to some part of image.

One more thing I should obligatory mention here is the tool for removing objects from your photos with saving their original structure. It works well for skin healing or removing unknown people from your street selfie. :)