How to Make your Pictures / Photos Private in Mac OS

How to Make your Pictures / Photos Private in Mac OS

Hi, everyone! Today I wanna share with you how you can hide your private photos on your Mac easily. Privacy is something that we don't think about until it's gone. Anyway, I don't think that you want someone else to see your photos. So, let's see how to keep them safe on your Mac now.​​


Keeping your Photos Private with Mac OS

I’m going to show you how pictures on Mac can be hidden in the most popular and easy ways. And our hands-on tips trip will begin with manual instructions and will end with Hider 2 app, a files hiding application.


Let’s Hide Photos Folders on your Mac Manually!

There are several options for keeping your pictures secure from anyone who will turn on your Mac. Each method alone can be a partly solution, so I advise you using them in a complex.

I won’t mention here such obvious things as renaming the folders, and so on. Let’s start with the Photos app. It has a built-in functionality for hiding photos. Still, it hides them in an original way. Hidden photos won’t appear in the photo stream after you’ve right-clicked and chosen them.

That may be useful if you are going to show someone your collection. But if a person has the access to your Mac, that wouldn’t work.

For viewing and unhiding photos go to ‘View’ > ‘Show Hidden Photo Album’ in Photos top menu bar.

how to hide photos on macIt is an easy and convenient option, but it’s not an efficient way of securing information if someone else will access your system.


A Special Hidden Feature

Many people are not aware of an opportunity of creating different photo libraries. Hold the ‘Option’ key while starting the Photos application.

It will ask you to select an existing library or to create a new one (it can even create in on an external drive!).

Of course, this wouldn't stop a hacker, but will surely prevent other ordinary people from getting to your private photos.


Encrypt Photos on your Mac Using FileVault Option

The FileVault is one more option of hiding private information on Mac. Its opportunities are limited, but still may be useful for increasing your personal security.

FileVault can encrypt an entire drive that stores your photos, but this solution works only on turned off Mac. The drive will become unencrypted after you enter the password.

So, other people can still access them if you've logged in. I can say that this feature can work in case of your Macbook stealing.

Moreover, FileVault gives a chance to encrypt the system drive, but not the others. It won't protect your photos saved in an external drive. Also it require a lot of free space to be free at your hard drive to start encryption.

​​And here is a quick instruction of how to turn FileVault encryption:

  1. Log in to your Mac with admin privileges.
  2. Go to 'System Preferences' > 'Security & Privacy' > FileVault.
  3. Click an icon with a padlock on it and type the admin password.
  4. Launch FileVault.
  5. Copy the key and save it in some safe place.
  6. Reboot the system and the drive will be encrypted for the 1st time after you sign in.

hiding pictures on macPlease remember that the encryption may take even hours, but it will be so just for the first time. By the way, you can use the Mac during the process.

Get Special Hide Photo Help

As I’ve said before, FileVault encrypts the whole disk. But what should you do if you need to hide some specific photos and pictures? Built-in Mac OS tools may help a bit, but...there is nothing that was developed strictly for this purpose. I can advise the Hider 2 (its free for Download) application that was created for solving this problem. It is easy to use, functional and powerful when we talk about security.

Hider 2 becomes integrated to Mac OS after installing, so it won't be difficult to work with it. Treat it like a part of your system. Just drag the necessary file to the Hider 2 icon or make it by right-clicking on that file and choose 'Services' -> 'Hide with Hider 2'. Simple, isn't it?

Another feature of Hider 2 that seems great to me, is AES-256 encryption method which is used by Hider 2 app that allows to hide your information even from experienced hackers.


How does Hider 2 Work on your Mac?

The application allows you to organize the hidden files and folders. It is integrated with Finder, so the tag search will surely work.

Long story short, this app can be named 'your secret room'. You can do with the files everything you want while you're in it. Toggle the application off and the secret room with your secured files will be closed. If a person doesn't have a password, he won't get into it.

hider 2 app hiding photos on macWell, we are running to the end now. I want to remind that privacy is a natural thing, so it shouldn't be a problem. Mac OS gives some options that work partly, but I haven't seen a better solution than Hider 2. Also I have wrote another post about How to Hide or Unhide Files and Folders on Mac OS X it can be very useful for you to.

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