Can an Old Battery Be the Cause for a Slow iPhone?

Can an Old Battery Be the Cause for a Slow iPhone?

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did you know that old batteries can slow down your iPhones' performance? It happens so, as iOS slows all the applications to help an old battery to cope with all the tasks and not to be drained in an hour. They start using less resources, and battery lives longer. That's why these two seemingly different things are tied together.

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Apple says that throttling the speed of a device is really done for preventing it from shutting down or crashing due to diminished batteries capabilities.

However, this has its dark side, a slower performance may seem annoying to old iPhones users. After releasing new iOS system and installing them to such devices the effect becomes too much obvious. Surely, this can be fixed by some tips and tricks. I wrote article on increasing the speed of a slow iPhone earlier, so you could try them all, maybe they will help.

But, sometimes, slowing down the performance appears to be constant and the cause for it is an old outdated and worn battery.

Not so long ago, this issue got cosmic scales, as someone noticed that degraded battery doesn't let iPhone to use its full potential. Many iPhone users didn't pay attention to that earlier, but from now they got to comparing how it was and what they get now, so the difference became obvious.
For example, one Twitter user says that he tested his iPhone 6 with an old battery and it showed 600MHz and after replacing it with a new one the device bossted itself to 1400 MHz.

Geekbench, the device benchmarking firm, also confirmed underperformance of old iPhone models. They researched the benckmark data of various devices and could prove the rumors around iPhones and new/old batteries.

As an answer to these rumors, Apple released the official statement on Buzzfeed and Techcrunch saying that they are aimed for delivering better experience to their clients. So, their goal is prolonging devices' life and making better their overall performance. They agreed that Li-Ion batteries are not too much efficient and they tend to become outdated just in a couple of years, as any battery has a certain number of charge cycles, for iOS devices this number is around 1000.
An old battery surely can be a cause for crashes and shutting down, as this done for preventing accidents and to save iPhones' electronic components.

They also noted that they released a special feature for preventing simultaneous shutting down. It works for iPhone 6 and later. The feature is intended to smooth the peaks of the device's activity and save the battery and the device itself.

I find this admission quite interesting, as I heard lots of rumors about conspiracy theories with Apple involved. People talked that they slow older iPhones on purpose for users to buy new models and boost the number of the software updates.
Until this moment, thousands of Apple users were sure about that, but we can see that the reason is obviously other.
It appears, that the answer is always was on the surface, however, obvious things are not always seen at once, and this is a great example for it.

After this fact saw the surface, people even began to lawsuit Apple for those battery issues. In their turn, advocates say that it's quite consumer friendly to be able to repair own stuff easily and reasonably.

This may sound strange or even bad, but there are some good news as well. If slowing down of your device is really caused with the battery issues, replacing it could solve the problem. Theoretically, after removing and old battery, you can see the boost of performance. This solution is quite simple!

An obvious difficulty is the fact that iPhones don't tell their owners that the battery is degraded and should be replaced by a new one. One more issue is the process of replacement itself. To do that, you will need to visit a service center, as doing it by yourself is not easy at all.
I assume the best option is some update that will show how much battery resource is left for a user to be aware how soon he will need to replace his battery. Moreover, it could offer a ready-made link with the available options of battery replacement.
When it comes to the whole process, you can learn from YouTube videos and blogs, try to repair your iPhone by yourself, start sort of a DIY project. Alternatively, you will take your time and visit an authorized service center where specialists will do everything for you. Replacing a battery is not a piece of cake for ordinary smartphone users.

So, if you have an old iPhone that works slow for no reasons, think of replacing your old battery with a new one. Apple authorized centers charge a $80 fee for it. Or, go to Amazon, find a new battery there, buy it for $40 or something like that, and try to do it by yourself.

Remember that you do that at your own risk, as there are no guarantees that the real cause for slow performance in your case is an old battery. Still, I hope it will help, if you decide to do it.

If you have already done the battery replacement, I’ll be glad to read about your experience in the comments. Espesially it would be great to read stories by people who replaces their batteries by themselves.

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