The Benefits and Powerful Features of PDFpen 9 for Mac

The Benefits and Powerful Features of PDFpen 9 for Mac

What is PDFpen 9?

PDFpen is an app for Mac that allows to make a plenty of changes in PDF files. First of all, it is a powerful editor app. So, you can make any corrections by adding and editing the text to PDFs. You can also add images, signatures and simple drawings into PDF files. Moreover, PDFpen is the most easy-in-use app that can transform paper documents to searchable files. You can easily convert PDF files into Microsoft Words DOCX format.

Why is PDFpen so popular?

How many PDF documents do you have on your hard drive or Google Drive? You can improve any of them just by editing!

For many of us the PDF format is the most familiar one. The most important documents like a birthday certificate are scanned to PDF because it guarantees document's safety.

For many of Mac users the PDF format is the most appropriate one for reading. We are constantly purchasing eBooks in PDF and dealing with PDFs in our work.

PDFpen is much more effective than Mac built-in PDF editor Apple's Preview app. PDFpen 9 has more additional features for editing purposes such as marking up a file by highlighting, writing notes, drawing and reordering pages. You can make annotations that let you mark up the text and share your results with no more modifying the underlying a PDF file. So, it is much more advanced and specialized than a basic Apple's Preview app.

The benefits of PDFpen 9:

  1. Clear and simple user interface. PDFpen 9 has as many useful options as Adobe Acrobat Pro, but it’s much easier in use. So, you will learn to edit text inside a document very quickly. Even a child does it fast.
  2. Effectiveness. You can do everything that you need in a PDFpen: highlighting and circling words, adding drawings and creating searchable PDF files from paper ones, making comments and notes.
  3. Quality and safety. After installing Mac scan finds no viruses. The Smile Company that has created this app is famous for a great status and long history in the Apple association.
  4. Friendly price. You can purchase PDFpen for $75. It is especially advantageous price if you use a PDF editor very often. In case you need much less PDF features you can try PDFpenBasic for $25.
  5. Support. The Smile Company provides the excellent client support. You can find on their website a FAQ, user manuals, guides and brief video tutorials. You can contact with them via an online form or email and receive a response within a few minutes.


What features does PDFpen 9 offer?

1. Markup and Edit Your PDFs

You are able to edit anything in PDF format which is in many tech cases is a read-only format. So, you really get a big power over your documents! Just choose whether it will be images, annotations or text. It makes life much easier when you can always fix any typo directly by your own without finding the original file.

A wide field of possibilities opens in front of you. You can make a clear structure of any subject if you are a student by drawing circles in the right places of paragraphs and highlightinting words. By making these actions inside PDFpen, you will find any study a material that you need just in a few seconds.

The option of markup is very helpful, if you are an editor and you should point out mistakes or desirable changes in text. There is nothing more useful in teamwork than an ability to look on  a common PDF document at any time.

How to edit the text?
Select the text that you want to change or choose the place where you want to add new words and then do it with ‘Correct’ text button. So, you can transform any part of the text to your own purposes. When you want to highlight the text, make some notes and drawings then use the special options on the toolbar with your mouse.  

2. Scan and Recognize Your Paper Files

While scanning paper files to computer, a PDF format is one of the best and most acceptable. However, you should OCR the document to transform it into a searchable text. Unless the scanned file is OCRed, you will get only static and unclear image similar to a photo. So, don’t forget to apply an optical character recognition to make your paper documents more useful and simple to correct. PDFpen's OCR works excellent and is extremely accurate in recognizing the information. You can OCR even the most unreadable and old paper texts with small font and type.

3. Edit Your Private Info

Sometimes we need to share important PDF documents with different people that is depends on the task. Such files may contain a phone number, an address or even delicate sensitive information. Hiding the information with a black bar is a legal and common way but no so aesthetic one. With PDGpen, you can easily redact text by erasing or using a block.

How to hide the information?
Select the text, go to the ‘Format’ menu and choose the suitable option of the text redaction. You can completely delete various objects and correct large parts of file, so that there will be no more underlying data. Now, no one can gain access to your personal information because it was truly protected by removing.

4. Add a Signature and Fill In PDF Forms

You can sign and fill in forms in PDFpen. When you need to do a great amount of the routine paperwork, this app simplifies a lot such work with documents. Availability of your signature in the digital format allows you reusing it as long as you want and send it to your partners anytime. Prepare your signature only once and save it in your library.

How to scan the signature?
Write it on the paper, scan the image and direct it to PDFpen. Then clear the background. The file should contain no extra details and no other text. Add only your signature into the document.

Although, PDFpen allows you filling forms of any type, you won’t be able to create forms. Use PDFpenPro for these purposes.

5. Change the Order of Pages

PDFpen works simply and quickly when you need to rearrange a few pages. It looks like a drag-and-drop option. You should just switch Page 5 with Page 10.

Drag the page you want to replace in the left thumbnail pane. You can see all document there.

PDFpen can easy reorder the pages in the document with less than 50 pages. When you need reordering in more large files, than it would be better to use Adobe Acrobat Pro.


Why is PDFpen 9 better than PDFpen 8?

  1. The improved annotation management allows you to open many of them at once. There are various tools for adding comments, highlighting in the sidebar view and even printing annotations.
  2. You will find an advanced table of contents and an option of merging TOC entries while combining your files in PDFpen 9.
  3. The image resolution option. Yet, PDFpen 9 has more image formats and options like 1-bit TIFF or black-and-white, PNG and JPEG files, grayscale export.
  4. In PDFpen 9, you can use resizing handles for parts of the page that are not seen by a user.

People with specific needs are able to use horizontal OCR for ideographic languages such as Chinese.


PDFpen vs PDFpenPro

The Smile Company has developed two types of versions of this application. A PDFpen version includes all basic options for common needs of the most people. A pro version adds extra advanced options for a higher price and helps when you aim to create PDF forms and files. So, PDFpenpro is not only about editing and making up features. It also purposed for creation of your own unique documents.

You will find PDFpen 9 helpful, if PDF documents take much energy and time. You will study and work more effectively by using a plenty of features and options of PDFpen 9! Make it easily with PDFs because PDFpen makes it much more easy!

Tell your friends about this useful app! ;)