Pocket for Mac | Review

Pocket for Mac | Review

Welcome to “Pocket Review” post. Everyone got used to using smartphones, tablets, and laptops pretty quickly, as it is undoubtedly very handy. It has become even more handy to read news and books, regardless of where you are, whether at your office desk, on public transportation, or killing time in a traffic jam. First thing we do when we get bored is want to escape from boredom by diving into the virtual world of the Internet. Sometimes we are looking for something of specific interests to us, other times we just open the news column, in any case, we open a bookmark and the fun begins.

News, interesting articles, discussions, useful information and a lot of other interesting things come at us from every side. It is simply impossible to read it all, and there is hardly ever enough time for that, but you do feel like you have to read it all. How do you make sure you do not forget to get to all the information that interests you? You just have to learn to use the Pocket app, and you will never lose or forget to read all the useful articles or interesting news.

The Pocket application developers have taken care that we can always access the information that we need. Let’s see how it works. Download it at https://getpocket.com, go through a simple process of registration via your Google or Facebook account.

Now let’s begin our “Pocket Review” post.


Pocket Review: Ease of use with Pocket

Let’s take a look at the app’s interface.

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On the left, there is a menu: My List, Favorites, Archive, Articles, Videos, Images, Tags. Later we’ll tell you all about each item on the menu. For now let’s see how Pocket works.


Pocket Review: Saving a Link in Pocket

If you visit the same websites, then you can save the links to them in Pocket for convenience and easy access. To add a site in Pocket, right-click on any place on the page and choose Save to Pocket from the dropdown list. The application then prompts you to add a tag in Pocket for easy access to the site later.

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Now the tag appears in Pocket.

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The app is available for iPhone and iPad. It’s easy to use it on any of those devices.

Now let’s get back to the interface.

All the tags to articles and links that you make go to My List. Later we’ll tell you how to sort them from there.

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You might have guessed already that Favorites is where you place your most popular links. To move a link to Favorites tab, use the mouse to select the link and you will see several icons in the lower right corner. Click on the star, and the link will automatically move to the right tab.

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Move the links to Archive by choosing the checkbox from the icons, and the app will move the selected link to Archive.

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In the same manner, you can move links to Trash, tag and share them with friends on social networks and via e-mail.

The developers also offer us the option of separating links by category. Pocket automatically distributes your links: if it’s an article, the link goes to Articles tab; if it’s a video, to Videos; if it’s an image, to Images. Everything is arranged for easy sorting to avoid unnecessary movements.

Tags tab makes it much easier to do searches among all the stored links, because, as we said earlier, when saving each link, you can tag them. Click Tags, and you will see all your tags, select the one you need, and Pocket will display all the links under it.

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In the upper panel you will find Home and Recommended tabs. Home tab takes you directly to your account’s page, Recommended tab will display recommendations of interesting links.

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In the upper part of the panel you can find Search bar. Here we can type in the title of an article to search for. Starting with the first letter, Pocket will display a list of articles that start with those letters.

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Next you see View Inbox where you can find all the mail sent via the application.

Then there is a button with your name, the name of your account, and Premium, Help, Options, Logout buttons.

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Clicking Premium prompts you to choose the pay premium version with more features.

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I don’t think you need an explanation about what Help button is for. You will find answers to your questions there.

Options tab is where you can find the account’s settings.

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Upgrade button does the same thing as Premium button.

When you start using Pocket, you will appreciate how great it is to have the option of systematizing interesting links that caught your eye, with handy Search and Sort features.

Another advantage of the application is that it can be synched with all your Apple devices.

The application’s new rival, Instapaper, has come out recently. We’ll tell you about it in a later review.

Thx for reading our “Pocket Review”.