How To Record Audio on Mac

How To Record Audio on Mac

Macs are great for creative works, so it is no surprise that visual artists, video editors, audio experts use them for their needs. We have already discussed software for photographers, so it’s now time to find out how to work with audio files and record audio on Mac.

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How To Record Audio on Mac

You can record voice and other audio on a Mac, it even has a built-in feature for doing this. QuickTime is a great option for everyone, you may record audio with the help of built-in microphone or an external one. Save the file and that’s it! Still, there are no chances for creating multiple audio tracks, editing your audio files and adding interesting effects to them.

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For complex tasks, you will likely need something more powerful, for example, the n-Track studio app. This is a professional software for recording and streaming audio on Mac. The digital workstation helps specialists create multi-track recordings, mix them with effects and make other magic things to the sound.
Is also offers a built-in synthesizer with drums, so you can create music without having any professional equipment in the office or at home. Multiple tasks, live sound editing, using the step sequencer is what makes this software perfect for recording audio on a Mac or a Macbook.


The Quality of Microphone

Nowadays applications can do magic with audio files, however, it can hardly work with audio of low quality. If you want to have an audio blog or a podcast, you have to get an external mic, as a built-in one won’t work as great as this professional option.
I have also some nice news for you: the range of high-quality mics is so vast that you can find a microphone for recording audio on a Macbook or a Mac for $100 or even less.
If you use a mic with XLR connectors, you may get an interface with XLR input to record high-quality audio on Mac.
In addition to a microphone, look for headphones, which will help you control the recording process.


Use a USB Interface for Recording Audio

It may be so that you don’t need special XLR inputs, so use USB! This interface works well with all the apps and is very helpful when emulating sounds (for example, the sound of the guitar and so on).
Some interfaces can even control the input level while recording audio on Mac, as they use special controllers to direct effects and adjust faders on software.


Recording Environment is Important

For making your audio smooth you need to record it in a quiet room of a small size, with walls that don’t make any echoes and absorb extra sound.
Pay attention to the microphone’s settings. If you are going to record your own voice, sit in front of your mic. If you want to record a conversation, put the mic in the center of the room or between participants.

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Let’s Record Audio on Mac!

Let’s get back to the software - n-Track Studio. Go to Setapp and install the app. Set it up before using. Make sure that your Mac is using the correct input.

  1. Visit ‘System Preferences’ in the Apple menu.
  2. Go to the ‘Sound’ pane.
  3. Click on the ‘Input’ tab.
  4. See the USB microphone, if you have one.
  5. Select the mic you’re going to use for audio recording on your Mac.
  6. Speak into the mic and look at the meter, adjust the volume, if it is necessary.


Launch the n-Track Studio app now. Visit the ‘Settings’ menu and click on ‘Audio devices’. Select a default one. It will mean that you will use the device that was set up in System Preferences before. For making sure once again, you may disconnect any other devices that you won’t use.

Find a level meter to the left of app’s main window - it displays the current audio’s name and its input. Test the level of your mic and watch how the meter responds. Adjust the level, if you need.
Start recording your first audio on Mac by clicking on ‘Record Audio’ in the start window. It opens after launching n-Track Studio.


Recording System Audio from Mac

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If you want to get audio of what is played on your Mac (not your own voice or music), use another tool. Capto can be a great helper here. This app records screen and its main function is creating video tutorials. It grabs both video and audio outputs and captures everything that is happening on Mac.
After grabbing the audio of your choice, you can split the video and audio tracks while editing. Delete video and get your audio.

Finally, if your goal is stripping audio from a video played online and saving it, Elmedia Player will help. It helps with downloading videos from video streaming sites.

So, as a conclusion, we can see that using Setapp software gives a possibility of working with audio on all the levels starting with grabbing audio from online resources to recording your own song on Mac.