Private Browsing via Safari on Mac: ‘Why’ and ‘How’?

Private Browsing via Safari on Mac: ‘Why’ and ‘How’?

Everyone who surfs the Internet leaves some kind of 'footprints'. One is stored on the website hosting, and the other one is left on your Mac in the browser history. There are ways to get rid of them like VPNs or Tor browser that don't let websites storing that data. But what about your Mac?

You may clean the browser history, but you should do it every time to keep it clean. Don't worry! A special 'Private Browsing' mode can help you. It won't leave any trace in your browser history or cache. And it will save your time! You won't need to clean history every time you go out to the Internet.


What is 'Private Browsing' ?

Firstly, let's take a look at what is it and how it works. As I have mentioned before, the Private Browsing mode won't remember websites you've visited on your Mac. But it doesn't make you invisible, hide your IP, or prevent web resources from knowing you've visited them.

As you have already understood, this feature prevents other users of your Mac from knowing what websites you've visited. For example, if you don't want your close relative know what present you've bought for his birthday, buy it via Private Browsing option. This feature is also used for checking secret financial information or viewing adult content.


How to Use the Private Browsing Feature in Safari

So, now we're going to learn how to use this option. Launch an ordinary Safari window.

When you browse through this window, all your paths are stored in Safari according to the preferences. Launch a new window to shift to the 'Private Browsing' mode. Go to 'File' > 'New Private Window' in the menu bar. Or use the shortcut Shift+Cmd+N

private browsing safariA new window looking like a normal Safari window will appear. Still, the address bar will be slightly darker. It's made so for you to distinguish whether you browse privately. Safari also will show you the explanation of private browsing at its top.


The Private Browsing Mode is Enabled

Safari won't remember anything after you close Private Browsing tabs. It won't remember your AutoFill info as well.

When logging in to some websites privately, you can do everything as you are used to. Visit your favorite websites, open tabs, search for the information, etc. Your Mac won't store this information after closing a private window.

Moreover, normal and private Safari windows can be used simultaneously. Just click the shortcut Shift+Cmd+N while web surfing in Safari.

Even if you open the same site in these two windows, only shown in a usual one will be stored in the browser history.


How to Make Private Browsing Default

If you don't want to launch a private window manually every time you want to surf the web, set the private mode as a default one. Safari will launch it automatically.

Go to 'Safari' > 'Preferences' or use a shortcut Command+[comma]. The 'General' window will appear. Find a drop-down option with the Safari label and select the 'A new private window' line.

new safari private windowFrom this time, Safari will open a new private window but not of a usual one after launching. However, you can still open a new normal window manually by going to 'File' > 'New Window' or the Command+N shortcut.

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