How to Increase Productivity by Splitting Screen on Mac

How to Increase Productivity by Splitting Screen on Mac

You might have your own tricks on how to stay productive during the working day. It may be the increased focus on one task, no distractions at all, etc. Still, nowadays, it’s almost impossible to shut all the surrounding things down, and we are not in the Bronze Age anymore. Modern workplaces imply constant distractions by colleagues.

Another hard thing is opening several windows on Mac at once, as people are used to multitasking today. We can write emails while messaging in Slack, looking through calendars for conducting meetings, and this list can be endless. So, imagine that you don’t need to switch between all these apps but have them on one screen.
People used to use several monitors earlier, but it’s not a great necessity today, as you can split your Mac screen and enjoy efficient work with everything at your fingertips. If you work on a Mac running OS X El Capital or newer, I have great news for you: you actually CAN split your screen and make your work more efficient! 

How to Split Your Mac’s Screen

Apple introduced this feature in El Capital and called it ‘Split View’. So, you can now open two applications and they will adjust their size for you to see both. You may also change their sizes and make one of them smaller or larger.

To activate the Split View feature:

  1. Open 2 applications.
  2. Hold ‘full-screen’ - the button at the top left.
  3. Drag and drop the application to the left screen side.
  4. Click with a mouse on another app and it will fill the rest of the screen.

Keep in mind that apps should be new and updated, as some old versions don’t support Split View.

You can now experiment with different combinations with your apps, and finally, you’ll know what fits the best.
Do you need more than 2 apps opened at a time? Create one more Split View on another Desktop. Run Mission Control, click on the button with a plus on it. To switch desktops in Split View, swipe right or left with 4 fingers on the touchpad or do that via Mission Control
To change the space taken by a certain app, drag the divider between apps and adjust the size as you need. To quit the Split View software, press the Escape button or use the keys combination: Ctrl+Cmd+F.

Which Alternatives Are There to Split Your Mac’s Screen?

This built-in feature gives you an opportunity to split the screen twice. But what if you want to split it into 3,4,5 or more parts and increase your productivity in much more times? That’s possible with third-party services. 
The first option is Mosaic. It is a great alternative to Split View for Mac users. This app offers any apps arrangement, so you can open as many windows as you need and see them all simultaneously. You can even arrange apps in rows, columns, squares, and so on. 

To use Mosaic to split your screen, do the following:

  1. Launch Mosaic from the menu bar. 
  2. Drag your apps’ windows as you like! Everything is very intuitive!

Also, you are free to create any configurations for splitting screen by going to the menu bar of the Mosaic app, then to ‘Preferences’, and to ‘Quick Layout’.
This software will let you customize everything to fit your ideal working process - your productivity will be at the maximum level!
Whats’ more, if you find your Split View unresponsive, just use Mosaic instead, as this software is compatible with all Mac apps and I’ve never had any problems with it.

Create Your Custom Workspaces

While using Mosaic and SplitView can be helpful, reopening apps every time is a time-consuming task and you can’t help that.
Still, there is an automated solution which allows you to create several workspaces for all your activities! This app is called Switchem. With this software, you’ll be free to open Terminal, text editor, FTP transfer and other things which you regularly use.
With this app, you can create and manage your workspaces as you like and switch between them in a second! To activate one of them, choose it from the menu or click on the shortcut.

How to create a new workspace in Switchem? Do the next steps:

  • Open the menu.
  • Select ‘Create New Group’.
  • Launch any app or open a file of your choice.
  • They’ll appear in the list, click on the checkboxes near the.
  • After you’ve done everything, click on ‘Create New Group’.

Now, you can open necessary apps in just a couple of clicks! This will really improve your productivity.

How to Do More with Split Workspaces and Screens on Mac

So, as you have already understood, boosting your productivity while working with a Mac or a Macbook can help the built-in app called Split View. Still, if more flexibility is what you need, choose Mosaic, as it goes further in windows arrangement.
Also, if you need to create a professional workspace, try using Switchem, which will help you to divide not only tasks but all your work issues from your personal life. Importantly, you won’t waste a second on opening apps or docs, all your files will be in the ‘ready-to-go’ state.