TextExpander for Mac | Review

TextExpander for Mac | Review

Welcome to TextExpander Review. We all like to save time. We use all sorts of applications to reduce the time we spend on performing certain actions. For example, it’s most annoying to have to enter the same text over and over again when writing e-mails, entering your personal information (which you already can type in with your eyes closed) into various forms, regularly filling worksheets using the same company name and different addresses. It’s not that all this work is useless, you just need to find away to simplify it, to save time on routine entering of the same text while increasing your productivity. The TextExpander application has features to help with all these things. Let’s take a look at how it works.


Using TextExpander

Now let’s take a closer look at the app. After the installation, you will have to spend some time learning how TextExpander works and getting ready to use it.


Creating Basic Abbreviations in TextExpander

The first thing that you always encounter when filling out any document or registering is entering your name and surname. Let’s see what you need to do to auto fill these fields in any document.

First, add New Snippet by clicking the button located in the upper left corner of the interface, or “+” in the lower left corner.

text expande mac review image1
Then, on the right, you get an additional field where you will enter all the data or just text, and then create corresponding abbreviations.

text expande mac review image2
Now enter your name and surname in the above-mentioned field and the abbreviation you want into the Abbreviation field (“mn” stands for “my name”), then save the changes by pressing Enter.

text expande mac review image3
Once you have done all of the above, you will see your first abbreviation in the left window of the interface. Subsequently, their number will grow.

text expande mac review image4
Let’s check out how it works. Open any document, for example, Stickies, and enter the abbreviation “mn”, and TextExpander will do the rest for you.

text expande mac review image5
Now, whenever you enter a combination of letters “mn”, the application will automatically display your name and surname.

In the same way, you can enter your email, home address, phone number, passport and insurance details, and everything that you might need when filling out electronic documents applications or questionnaires at hotels, for example.

Likewise, you can use it for working with texts. For example, for your automatic e-mail signature, because most of us have multiple e-mail addresses for business communications and correspondence with friends. You need to go through all the previously described steps: New Snippet, then enter the text and the abbreviation, and there you go!

text expande mac review image6

Creating Folders/Groups in TextExpander

For ease of use, the developers, in their foresight, provided the option of creating separate abbreviations folders. You can associate their names with texts or documents that you are working on, to make it easier to find the abbreviations you already made. To create a new folder or a group (the name given by the application developers), you need to click on “+” in the lower left corner of the window and choose New Group.

text expande mac review image7
Then you will be given the option of naming the folder/group.

text expande mac review image8
But the application’s features do not end there.


Working with Images

You can also use TextExpander to add images to the text. You do this by going to the Content menu and selecting Fotmatted text, Pictures.

text expande mac review image9
Then just drag the image into the field and fill in the field with a suitable abbreviation.

text expande mac review image10
You can also add your own adjustments to the image, for example, place your signature, text, a figure from the application’s gallery. You do this by holding the cursor over the picture where in the top right corner you will see a pop-up window that contains all the tools you need for the adjustment.

text expande mac review image11
Now, when you use the abbreviation, TextExpander will display not only the saved text, but also the image. You can also use the image of your signature, which is very handy.


Working with Variables

There are several ways to use TextExpander. Let’s take a closer look at them. For example, you need to send a few dozen proposals or invitations, etc. You write the text, but it’s the secretary who will deal with sending the messages. To minimize explanations, you can use the application. What does it do? You can write up the document using TextExpander, so that the data that needs to be entered is visible in the fields.

Here is a simple example. First, place the text you need with empty boxes for the data in the right field of the applications. Use the cursor to select one of the empty boxes to enter the personalized information.

text expande mac review image12
Then press the cursor button and select Fill-ins and Single-line field from the drop-down list.

text expande mac review image13
After that, the application displays a window to be filled out.

text expande mac review image14
In the Field name line, you put down the information that will characterize the variables and save it by clicking Done. Do the same for all the empty fields.

Then, just like described above, enter the necessary abbreviation into the Abbreviation field.

Once you are done, every time you type in Film, the application will give you the fill-out options.

text expande mac review image15
Now you do not need to spend extra time explaining things to the assistant or secretary. All you need to do is use TextExpander, and send an email with the assignment.


Saving Time with TextExpander

There is another handy feature that can simplify your work and save your time. It will help provide several naming options to choose from. Let’s use the same example. Let’s make some changes in “day” and “film”. Highlight the “day” field, select the same button with the cursor, then Fill-ins, and then take a slightly different step and select from the Popup-menu.

text expande mac review image16
TextExpander will provide several filling options.

text expande mac review image17
Enter the necessary data into the Option fields, in this case, days of the week, and click Done.

text expande mac review image18
Now do the same in the field where you enter the name of the film. Do not forget to always assign abbreviations. Once you have done everything that you need, the application will offer you the options to choose from.

text expande mac review image19
Once you decided, click OK and get the result.


TextExpander Settings

Now let’s take a look at the settings for TextExpander. This application has a variety of settings that allow to customize the work. The settings selection is so diverse that allows you to even choose your own images for the application icon in the menu bar. TextExpander is also equipped with basic settings, such as “hot keys” and running the application automatically when starting the Mac, as well as many other standard settings.


Abbreviation Search with TextExpander

One thing we want to draw your attention to is the drop-down menu bar. It has a very handy search feature for the abbreviations you created. As time goes by, you’ll use the search engine more frequently, as the number of abbreviations will grow each time you run routine tasks.

text expande mac review image20
After you have used TextExpander, you can safely say that the application helps to save not only your time, but also your nerve cells. The idea of TextExpander has been called simple, but ingenious. It’s the application that helps to solve several problems that many of us never give much thought to.

The drawback in using the application can be that in rare cases your abbreviations may coincide with the initial letters of certain words you use to communicate, and TextExpander will automatically replace the word you want to write with the words assigned to the abbreviation. To avoid this, we recommend using the combinations of letters that aren’t very common. By the way, this function can be considered as positive, because you can train your memory using TextExpander!

The price of the application can be a detriment, but the free trial version is available, after using which you will not be able to resist buying the app.