How to Turn on Night Shift on Your Mac

How to Turn on Night Shift on Your Mac

Not so long ago Apple Night Shift support was added to macOS for the first time. Previously, this option was present only in iOS. It works like adjusting the screen color temperature to the environment (time, day, etc).

It can lower its temperature at night. Colors become warmer (more yellow). In the morning they come back to the cooler temperature (blue). It was added to macOS due to the belief that blue colors of computer or phone displays may interfere people's biological sleep rhythms. The fact that the light should be blue or white in the mornings and turn more yellow or red to the days ends, is defined genetically.

Apple's Night Shift is created to reduce the strength of the blue light while a day comes to its end. They say it will help to improve your sleep quality and your health.

Now we'll get deeper into the details and learn how to use it correctly.

Let's use Night Shift on your Mac!

At first, you need macOS Sierra 10.12.4 or a newer version. If you aren't aware of what version are you using, find it out with the help of step-to-step instruction of Determining the macOS version.

After you’ve made sure that your system is up-to-date, open System Preferences. It can be found in the Dock or in the Apple menu which is at the left-top corner.

Once the Preferences window opens, go to Displays

It is the place where you usually change the screen's resolution, color profiles, or organize multiple displays if you have some. In the 10.12.4 macOS version, there will be one more tab called 'Night shift' in the display window.

You can configure Night Shift here: turn it on/off by visiting the box called 'Turn on Until Tomorrow' or selecting 'Custom' from the appeared menu and setting the time manually. But the real magic happens when it comes to automatic adjustments. Select the 'Sunset' & 'Sunrise' options and your Mac will configure Night Shift by itself. Time will be set based on your current location.

After you've turned Night Shift on, you can configure the sharpness of color changing.Go to 'Color Temperature' at the window bottom. Slide it to the left, if you want to reduce the strength of color changing and roll it to the right if you want to increase it. But if you've just started using this feature, we advise leaving the default value in the middle.

How to turn Night Shift on with the help of Notification Center

In fact, there is no need to visit System Preferences every time you need to turn on Night Shift manually. Activate Notification Center and scroll up to find a manual switch for the Night Shift option.

Note, that you can also turn on the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature the same way.

That's all, dear friends!

Well, we hope that this feature will really help you to sleep better.

If you have some question about Night Shift left, contact Apple support on their official page.