How to Reinstall, Uninstall or Downgrade iTunes on Mac OS

How to Reinstall, Uninstall or Downgrade iTunes on Mac OS

Hey guys, today, I want to tell you about How to Uninstall iTunes from Your Mac OS in the best possible way. It's a popular app and you may need to reinstall or uninstall it someday completely. Also we will talk about how you can downgrade iTunes. Let's begin our step-by-step guide.


How to Reset the iTunes App on Mac in Sierra OS

iTunes is one of the most popular Apple apps, and they have made some strides during the years of its existence. It is used practically every day by millions of users, but somehow, a new version may cause errors or introduce some different features that you don't like.

That's why sometimes people need to reinstall their iTunes to make the work with it comfortable again. So, now I'm going to tell you how to reset, uninstall your iTunes and how to clean the junk files.


How to Reinstall iTunes App on your Mac OS X

If iTunes works properly, it's a great app, but it can cause much trouble by the incorrect work. It may crash or freeze. But it's not forever! Download another version of iTunes from the AppStore and run the installer.

It will rewrite the program even if its version is the same that you had before. If the problem is still there, let's try to uninstall iTunes completely before running the installation.


How to Completely Uninstall iTunes from Mac OS

I want to warn you that it's possible, but Apple doesn't make such things simple. So, you'll need to process through some steps, though they are not very difficult.

Note, that all your settings and playlists will be removed with the app, so make back-ups first!

Do the following to uninstall iTunes from Mac:

  1. Drag its icon to Trash. Continue with Step 2 in case it says about an error, and with Step 6, in case it doesn't.
  2. Right click the app file in 'Applications' and go to 'Get info'.
  3. Tap the icon with a padlock on it and type the Admin password.
  4. Change sharing permissions by setting ‘everyone’ in 'Read and Write'.
  5. Close the window and retry Step 1.
  6. Empty your Trash bin.
  7. Enter ‘Activity monitor’ into the Spotlight and press Enter.
  8. Find iTunes helper. Delete it.
  9. Go to ‘Library’ > ‘Preferences’. Delete all files that start with ‘’.
  10. Reboot your Mac.

Note that this long list of steps can be replaced by a one-click deleting via CleanMyMac X. Download the app, and after launching it go to ‘Uninstaller feature’ that will remove iTunes and everything related to it in a couple of clicks.


Delete iTunes Junk Files from your Mac

Doing it is practically the same to the previous part. You can handle this task with the help of CleanMyMac X. It will remove old backups, copies, downloads and other junk. A quick scan searches for every leftover and removes it from your Mac.


How to Downgrade iTunes to an Earlier Version

When a new version appears to be not the best one and even not better than the previous one, it’s not a very pleasant situation. Roll back your iTunes! But note that it’s better to create a Time Machine backup before doing that. You’ll be able to discard the changes if something goes wrong.

So, that’s how you can downgrade your iTunes:

  1. Enter ‘Activity monitor’ into the Spotlight and press Enter.
  2. Find iTunes helper. Delete it.
  3. Open Spotlight, type ‘Terminal’ and launch it.
  4. Enter: sudo rm –r /Applications/, then press Return.
  5. Open Spotlight, type ‘Time Machine’ and launch it.
  6. Restorer the iTunes version that you need from the backup in Time Machine.
  7. Restore the following files from the folder: ~/Music/iTunes
    iTunes Library.itl
    iTunes Library Extras.itdb
    iTunes Library Genius.itdb
    iTunes Music Library.xml

Now an old version of iTunes should be restored keeping all your data and settings.

​ Complitely using Special Uninstalling Tool​

Here is the app, called CleanMyMac X I use it on daily basis, and now it will help us to uninstall iTunes from your Mac in seconds. If you haven't download CleanMyMac yet, Download it right now (it's free for download). Follow my instructions:

1. Download and install CleanMyMac X (if you didn't).

2. Open CleanMyMac app (you can find launch icon in your "Applications" folder or right on the Dock)

3. Go right to the Uninstaller tab on the left side.

4. You will get apps list, try to find iTunes app icon there, or just type 'itunes' in the top right corner in the search field.

5. Set checked to the checkbox right next to the iTunes icon and you will see that all related files (on the right side) were selected as well and will be removed with the main app.

6. Now just click on the round uninstall button in the bottom of the window and iTunes will be completelley uninstalled from your Mac.


Yay! That's was the great experience, for the first time using CleanMyMac it can take some time, but after a few times, you will be uninstalled apps in seconds.

Let’s Put ‘I’ Back Into iTunes

I hope that my step-by-step guide was useful to you and helped to get more control over your Mac apps. If you don’t want to do everything manually, simply use CleanMyMac X app and manage your iTunes application without any problems!