How to Uninstall / Remove uTorrent from Mac or Macbook Pro Completely

How to Uninstall / Remove uTorrent from Mac or Macbook Pro Completely

I decided to uninstall uTorrent from my Mac because it's become very laggy. So I'll tell how to remove uTorrent app on Mac completely with all leftovers.

You know, something strange happens with my Mac apps sometimes. They start to lag and in some cases stop working at all. This is what happened to uTorrent once. It is one of my most frequently used applications. It has refused to open. After launching, the app’s icon simply jumped on the launchpad endlessly... I decided to uninstall uTorrent from my Mac and download it again, as I often do. If you in hurry just jump to the section of this post called "How to Uninstall uTorrent from Mac Using a Special Uninstaller Tool" or get read more about special uninstaller toolSo, now I'll tell how I removed uTorrent from my Mac in details.


How to Remove uTorrent App from your Mac Manually

Usually, we need opening ‘Finder’ for removing an application from a Mac. Go to the ‘Applications’ folder, find the ‘uTorrent’ app and drag-and-drop it to the ‘Trash’. Then we should right-click the trash bin icon and select ‘Empty Trash’ option to remove uTorrent from the Mac completely. That's it! Now we can download and install the app again, and it works well usually.

But… maybe I’ve done something wrong this time, or it depends on a certain app, or an error has occurred, I don’t know what it was. Anyway, uTorrent didn’t launch after I had downloaded and installed it once more. It continued jumping on the launchpad... :(

I used Google to find out whether someone had the same problems with uTorrent as I did, and whether anyone knows how to remove uTorrent from my Mac completely.

I’ve found a dozen of similar articles in a few minutes. All of them were telling almost the same thing but in different words. According to them, I should visit tons of folders, delete uTorrent cache files, go to other directories, and find and delete other uTorrent files (log files, plugins, binaries, supports file, etc.)... In the same time, I had to do that carefully in order not to remove something really important that could damage the Mac OS X....

Well… It appeared that I have to spend a whole hour removing one single app from my Mac. Really??! C'mon.

Let’s see what these articles offer us. It’s searching and removing all the files from folders that have ‘uTorrent’ in their names. Here are the details, what you have to remove:

  1. Dock icons and binary: /Applications
  2. Support files: ~/Library/Application
  3. Caches: /Library/Caches or ~/Library/Caches
  4. Library: ~/Library
  5. Plugins:  ~/Library/ Address Book Plug-Ins/
  6. Application preferences: ~/Library/Preferences
  7. Saved states: ~/Library/Saved Application State
  8. Crashes: ~/Library/Application Support/CrashReporter

As for me, this is too risky, complicated, and takes an unreal amount of time to delete one application.


How to Uninstall uTorrent from Mac with Using a Special Uninstaller Tool

I noticed that each article recommends some application for guaranteed deleting another app (lol). I started testing these different recommended apps. However, all my efforts were in vain. They had an uncomfortable interface, or removed the app to the trash bin and cleaned it... Every time I got the result which I could achieve manually in 10 seconds.

In the end, I installed an app called ‘CleanMyMac’, and I've never regretted it! They say that 20 million people use it! 20 million, Carl!

Actually, this is the story about how I’ve found an excellent app for the regular cleaning of my Mac and removing the uTorrent app or any other application from my Mac as safe and fast as possible. 

It happened 4 years ago, but this story is still relevant. The guys who have developed this app, MacPaw, keep moving forward. This is the third version of this app and I personally use every day. It helps me keep my Mac clean and makes it work faster thanks to a bunch of cool features of CleanMyMac X app.

Let me show you how to remove uTorrent from your Mac as quickly as possible. Also, you can find a video of the process below.

  1. If you don’t have CleanMyMac X yet, download it right now (it's free for download).
  2. After that, install it by double-clicking the downloaded file and follow the instructions to install CleanMyMac X to your Mac.
  3. Launch CleanMyMac X by double-clicking the app icon (You can find the app in your Applications folder if it not, then on the launchpad).

  4. Click the ‘Uninstaller’ tab on the left side menu bar.
  5. Find the uTorrent app in the list and set a checkbox next to its icon. You’ll see all the files associated with uTorrent on the right. They will be deleted from your Mac.

  6. Click the round ‘Uninstall’ button at the bottom of the window. uTorrent and all the associated files will be removed permanently.

That’s all! uTorrent is completely removed from your Mac quickly and safely. 6 steps can seem not few at first glance, but in fact, it will take you around 10 seconds.  

Moreover, you can try clicking ‘Smart Cleanup’ and see how much garbage files CleanMyMac X will find on your Mac. Also, you can delete cookies, history, cache files of any browsers in the ‘Privacy’ section. It can clean memory and close hanged apps, delete files and folders permanently. The application will help you to manage different browser extensions and the Mac OS in the ‘Extensions’ section. You’ll find more information about other useful features of CleanMyMac app on the official website.

I really use CleanMyMac X daily. It seems to me that there is no better app for cleaning Mac on the market now.


Final Step: if you still haven't uninstalled uTorrent from Mac, or have some other issues with it. Sometimes the uTorrent app just doesn’t work well under certain versions of OS X. I recommend you to read this Apple community thread.


Now You Know How to Uninstall uTorrent or any Other app from your Mac

Let's sum it up. Finding and deleting a bunch of files all over the Mac is uneasy and takes lots of time. There is also a possibility of deleting something wrong and damaging the Mac OS X. But, special apps may help us. Such app as CleanMyMac X can uninstall any application from your Mac quickly and safely.

Surely, it has a slight disadvantage as well. The free version of CleanMyMac manages with removing just only 500Mb of garbage from your Mac. The paid version costs about $40, so you should decide whether to buy this application. I advise beginners using a free version for some time and then deciding if you need the paid one. As for me, I made a choice in favor of CleanMyMac more than 4 years ago. :) Also read my Gemini 2 Review which helps to remove duplicate files from my Mac!

So, we’ve got to the end of my story. Thanks for reading my blog, I’ll write the most interesting and useful articles for you.