How Can You Update Mac to the New macOS High Sierra

How Can You Update Mac to the New macOS High Sierra

In June Apple introduced the new operating system for Mac – macOS High Sierra . It provides improved data, graphics and video. New features make the Mac more responsive and reliable for Mac user. At a first view it may seem that there are no essential refinements in macOS High Sierra . But once you look closer and you will discover fine under-the-hood changes.


What is macOS High Sierra?

It is evidently that you already have Mac OS, if you read this article. But do you want to update it and why? MacOS is the newest version of OS which you can use on your Mac laptops. This OS has some really awesome upgrades, but not as great as you can expect, so firstly you can be even a little bit frustrated. By the way, don’t get upset – macOS High Sierra will make your Mac work much better, faster and qualitative. High Sierra offers you more modern and secure storage file system, better detailed and colored Video Encoding.

So, put aside all your hesitation because with this manual you will easily update your Mac OS.


What are the Advantages of New macOS High Sierra and Why Should You Have it?

Apple developers wanted to take all applications and functions which are needed for your work and which soon will be very demanded. So, macOS has renewed and upgraded AFPS file system now, browser runs much faster and advanced graphics will demonstrate you that diligence and untiring efforts of Apple team were for a reason.

MacOS is exactly what you need if you want to give new life to your Mac! Still don’t believe me? But what if I say you that High Sierra save really a lot of memory on your computer as it makes video smaller near 40% and video quality meets HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) standard? Are you impressed?

Your docs, photos, e-mail and applications that OS perceives as a data. So file system organize it as files and folders which you are using all the time. This new macOS has improved Apple file system which is more safe and fast. Nowadays graphics become more and more important for effective work on Mac and High Sierra has built-in technology Metal2 which helps you to use your Mac as much as possible. This technology it’s not only qualitative images, it is possibility to use your computer graphics maximally by playing games or by developing software. Also you’ll have amazing Photos application where you can edit pictures with professional tools.


Let’s Make your Mac Prepared to the New OS High Sierra Update

We will talk about process of installation if you are still reading this article and still want to install High Sierra. By the way, in case if you are going to use all the benefits of this OS, beta version is exactly what you need! But make sure that beta version has it and that it works if you need the specific tools or function. So we can start.

Firstly, to avoid an awkward situation, make sure that your computer can have this upgrade, in other words if your Mac is compatible with macOS High Sierra. Usually, everything will be ok and you won’t have any problems if your laptop or computer is from 2009 and newer.

Then, first of all, you need fully clean your Mac, because it must work effectively even without High Sierra. What should you do? You should delete all the information, all files (don’t forget about interim files) and documents, photos and videos, cache data from the background. It’s possible to do it faster in a short way by using CleanMyMac X. Also you can do it manually by deleting every file one by one if you are ready to spend enough time on it and you are patient.

It is necessary if you want your Mac work fast and without any problems with macOS High Sierra. So you need to make sure that your computer has no problems and you can calmly upgrade OS. If you have a question “How can I do it”, I’ll help you with it:

  • Find and open Disk copy
  • Then select startup drive
  • And finally press on the button of the First Aid

Then you’ll have two courses of events. In first case, you’ll do it from the first time and you shouldn’t read this paragraph till the end. But if you aren’t so lucky you need to use the Repair disk.

Finally, make sure that you have enough space for the new macOS High Sierra. Apple team recommend 8GB, but let’s face the truth, experience has shown that to feel comfortable you need near 15GB. And one more thing, it means that you don’t clean your Mac enough and you need to delete more files if you still don’t have so much space.


How to Make Backup on your Mac Before Update?

First of all, you definitely need to make backup on your computer if you are going to use beta version of High Sierra. Of course, in case if you don’t have a great desire to fail and lose docs. So, do it just to save all information from your Mac.

Don’t be afraid, it’s not difficult, you can use Time Machine, it is Apple’s own software, which has copies of everything you have on your Mac. These copies are saving every month, week, hours and also you can save files, documents and processes on your own with System Preferences.

You can use USB, SDD, NAS drive or Thunderbolt hard drive in case if you use Time Machine. Why? Because the more memory this device has, the more files and documents you can save.


Manual Instruction of Upgrading your Mac OS

Finally, you’ve already done all needed action for upgrading your computer and now you can install macOS High Sierra. Here you have detailed instruction for doing everything fast, safe and in the right way.

  1. Find network for updating
    This network must be safe and you need to use it before. Please, don’t use hotels, restaurant or any other public networks, they are not safe and fast. The best option is your home Wi-Fi, because you can be sure in it.

  2. iCloud
    The next step is to log into iCloud. It is necessary and not difficult to do, so if you want that process of installing won’t go wrong, just log into your account and go on.

  3. Upgrade your computer to the newest OS
    Why is it so important? Maybe you don’t want to have any problems during this difficult process and you may want your computer works fast and effective. Also make sure that this OS is latest. You can do it in the Updates folder from the App store. By the way, all applications you have on your Mac should be in the latest version too. You can check it in the Updates folder as you check your OS. You need to update it manually but if you download any of applications not from App Store.

  4. How to download new OS for your Mac?
    Nowadays, only developers can download and use beta version of macOS High Sierra. So, in order to install this OS you need to have an Apple Developer Program account . Just log in and download High Sierra.

  5. Update macOS High Sierra
    It is the last step and there you need to go to Applications and there open an installer. Then you will have very detailed manual on the screen, so just follow these instruction and the updating will be easy and without problems.

Congratulations! You’ve done everything that needed. Now your Mac is smarter!

Don’t forget about automatically upgrades in the App Store, if you want your Mac work as fast as you want.