How to Fully Use Dropbox on Your Mac

How to Fully Use Dropbox on Your Mac

Dropbox is one of the leading cloud storages nowadays. This application syncs files on your devices allows to easily share files, documents and multimedia, send large files in a minute and store things you never want to lose in the web. It is not the only storage app for Mac, still, Dropbox is very popular among Apple users.

The app can be integrated into your workflow on Mac, so you don’t need to do hundreds of other actions than just having everything at your fingertips. This is the main reason to get Dropbox and start using it right now. And this is not the only reason!

This application is created for sharing files and folders, still, it offers more interesting features - you can create shareable links to specific files in your folders, so people will see only what they need to see. It can be also integrated with third-party services and apps, which gives even more functionality!

You might think that Dropbox and iCloud have almost the same functionality when it comes to basic cloud storage. However, there are differences. iCloud is associated with your ID in the Apple system, while Dropbox can share files with any user of your choice, even those who don’t have an Apple ID. Just connect them to the folder and they’ll have access!
What are the drawbacks of Dropbox? It won’t sync your contacts or photos across your Apple devices as iCloud does. What you have access to is the content of Dropbox folders.

How to Synchronize Dropbox on Mac

The good news is that your files are always available on the Dropbox website. For those, who need this app frequently, there is a full-fledged desktop application.
So, with it, you won’t have to upload files and folders by hands. The app provides quick access to all Dropbox functions, as it works as a separate folder on your Mac.
If you need to quickly find what you’ve shared with others, just visit this folder and search for what you are looking for.

How to Install the Dropbox App on Your Mac

First, visit website and get the app to your Mac. After the download, find the installer - it is commonly called ‘Dropboxinstaller’ and has a .dmg format. Here’s what to do next:

  1. Launch the installer window from the file by double-clicking on it.
  2. Your Mac will warn you that you’ve got this file from the web and it’ll ask whether you want to proceed. Agree, click ‘Open to start’ to initialize the installation process. You can fully trust this app.
  3. After the process is complete, sign in to your Dropbox account if you have it.
  4. If you don’t have an account yet, find the sign-up link and follow the instructions. Creating a Dropbox account takes no more than a couple of minutes.

Sign in to your account in Dropbox on Mac. Congrats! You now have the Dropbox app and can use it!

Here are recommendations on setting up a Dropbox folder:

  1. In the final window of Dropbox installer, select ‘Open my Dropbox folder’.
  2. Enter your login details. 
  3. Click on the ‘OK’ button.
  4. Find the Dropbox icon appeared in Finder. It will offer you a guide, so follow everything it says, and see how the online storage works. 

Tips for Dropbox Users 

Understanding how everything works is just a piece of cake. After you install the app and log in to your Dropbox account, find a special folder. Files you place there will appear in the cloud and will be synced with all your devices which have Dropbox on them.
Keep in mind that sometimes, Dropbox will try to copy all your files from Mac, so you will have to choose which ones you need to copy to Dropbox.
Copying folders and files takes seconds. The app first shows a blue icon, which means the copying process is in progress. Green color with a checkmark means that copying is finished and your files are already in the cloud storage.

If you want to copy several files at once, here’s what to do:

  1. Hold the Command key and select all the files you want to store in the cloud with your mouse cursor.
  2. Drag them to your Dropbox folder.
  3. Done! ;)

You even don’t need to worry about syncing all these files on Mac and other devices - that happens automatically. This gives you an opportunity to save files from Dropbox to other devices. For instance, you can download your iPhone via Dropbox rather than connecting it to your Mac manually. Syncing files takes seconds - and you have access to everything you need. This is very convenient when you need to copy a great number of files from device to device.

Also, you can share documents and multimedia with your family, friends, and colleagues. See this manual to do that:

  1. Find the file you want to share and right-click on it. 
  2. Select the ‘Share…’ line - you’ll notice the Dropbox logo in it.
  3. Type email addresses of those who should have access to the file.
  4. Select which permission should be granted: view-only or editing.
  5. Inform your recipients they can use the file now. They will get an automatic email telling them they have access.
  6. Alternatively, you can create a shareable link and send it to those who should have access to files.

Having the Dropbox app on Mac is also helpful when it comes to creating backups of important documents.

How Much Does Dropbox Cost?

There are several pricing plans. With the first 3, you can enlarge the storage space.

  • The ‘Basic’ plan has 2 Gb gives you free 500 Mb for a referral. So, you can expand your storage to nearly 18 Gb!
  • ‘Plus’ offers users 1 Tb for $9.99 per month.
  • ‘Professional’ costs $16.58 and gives users 3 Tb.

More than Just Apps for Mac

Regardless of the fact that Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud-storage apps for Mac, there are great alternatives, which can be convenient and efficient as well. Many users even choose 2 apps at once to store data. Why is it so? A set of cloud storages helps to keep your internal Mac storage clean from excess data. All you need is a fast Internet connection. Still, the downside of such an approach is the need to remember tons of login details for each account.

What about other apps?

I’d recommend you using CloudMonster. This program allows using all storage apps in just one place. So, it helps to connect them as external drives of your Mac, so you see everything in Finder.
What else CloudMonster is good at, is encrypting your data, so your files are always secure from hackers.
The app supports all third-party services and will surely help to clear space of your Mac’s SSD.

Also, you can manage your synced files on all your devices in a click using Unclutter app. You might have faced a situation when you have multiple copies of your files and get lost in them once you enter a folder. Unclutter’s intuitive workflow helps you optimize your spaces and make the desktop clean.

What’s more, Unclutter tracks everything that comes to the clipboard even after the system reboots. The app can also act like a memo assistant and create lists of what to keep in mind. So, you won’t miss anything if you use it, and the great news is that you can use it across all your devices - Mac, MacBook, iPad, iPhone, etc. - which are connected to Dropbox!