Ways to Fix the Disk Using Utility for Mac Disk

Ways to Fix the Disk Using Utility for Mac Disk

Have you ever faced to one of these troubles on Mac?

  • Mac doesn’t switch on.
  • Access denied, or your files are damaged.
  • Several applications close unexpectedly.
  • Badly working usb-drivers and flash devices.

In these cases, you should recover the disk.


Want to Ensure Whether Your Disk Should be Repaired?

You still can’t turn on your Mac? Then use the CleanMyMac application to look over the start disk. The Maintenance module must be opened and ‘Verify Startup Disk’ should be picked up. Pay attention to the Disk if you see a warning about error like below!

Of course, you still can repair it by yourself without immediate reinstalling. Follow the easy advices about how to fix Mac hard disk with the help of the software. You still can save it only with the help of Disk Utility that is Mac`s local application. You should do only the data backup and replace the disk, if this option is not available for you.


Few Steps to Renew the Hard Drive With the Help of Disk Utility:

  1. First of all, you should open the instruction on another gadget or just print it out, as the connection with it will be lost as soon as you reboot your Mac.
  2. After this, tap the menu (the upper left corner), pick ‘Restart’.
  3. When your Mac reboots, hold the keys: ‘Command-R’. Keep holding them and wait when the Apple logo appears.
  4. Choose ‘Utility for Mac Disk’ and tap ‘Continue’.
  5. Pick the disk that needs to be repaired in the sidebar.
  6. Using FileVault for Disk encryptions, remember to mount Disk first! You have to press ‘Mount’ in the top of the ‘Disk Utility’ window for doing this. Write your account password for the Mac in the shown up dialogue window.
  7. Search for ‘First Aid’ and tap it.

Here you will find two ways of solving the problem:

Option 1.

Save all the data and hurry up to repair your Mac, if you see that your present start disk is very close to be damaged. Don’t hesitate! It’s the only way you can help it now.

The most effective method to save your Mac
Have you ever used Mac Time Machine? If no, set it up:

First of all, get linked to an external file storage (AirPort Time Capsule, a portable hard disk, a USB flash drive etc.). Secondly, enter ‘System Preferences’ and tap on Time Machine.  The third step is to tap the ‘Select Backup Disk’ option, which you can find in the window center.

And at last, select an external gadget where you will save your info and documents, and choose ‘Use Disk’.

Wait for a few minutes before the first backup starts automatically. It would be better if you connected your Mac with a charging cable before the backup starts. You will find more specialized backup info near to the ‘Select Disk’ option.

How to use Mac’s Time Machine:

  • At the right upper part of your screen, tap on the ‘Time Machine status’ menu.
  • Select ‘Back Up’.

To find Time Machine among menus, choose ‘System Preferences’ > ‘Time Machine’ and pick up the ‘Show Time Machine’ button in the the Menu bar.

Option 2

Tap ‘Run’, if you are supposed to conduct diagnostics by Disk Utility.

Disk Utility says that everything is good and you succeeded in reinstalling? Now you can exit it all and use your Mac as you did before.

However, you can face other difficulties. If Disk Utility sends you a notification that the basic task is going wrong, try to fix the Disk one more time. Doesn’t this option help? Be ready to follow the steps written above: backup the data and totally recover the disk. Withdraw all the data from your disk, reinstall the OS and renew the information.

Still having troubles with disk and none of those options we are writing about works? There is a chance that the disk has some physical injuries. If so, take your laptop to the closest repair shop and they will gladly help you.


The Most Effective Method to Save a Mac in a Good Condition

Want to keep your Mac secure, fast and use it with no problems? Then just operate the appropriate software tools.

Here are fundamentals for Mac to be in a good shape: “a quick system and clean drive”. Both are secured by ‘CleanMyMac’. It screens your Mac's execution, deletes files from the Mac Drive that you don’t need and helps your MacOS to run easily.

I hope, this article was helpful and you know how to backup your Mac and recover the Hard drive using Disk Utility for your Mac now! Please comment, if you have some thoughts on this topics and share your personal experience on backuping your Mac!